Cobra Information Site FAQ

Cobra Information Site FAQ

This is an FAQ from the 90’s, with Founder, Cobra Master John Klein:

Q: Why cobras…why not rabbits or cats or something else?

A:Why not cobras? I lived with (note I don’t say “owned” – only a fool thinks he owns one of God’s creatures) two cobras, and it is the only nickname ever given to me. Cobras are one of the most cryptic creatures. It was my flight name in the Air Force. As a practicing non-conformist, I *had* to do a site that was different. As of this writing this is the only web site with this information. I like that.

Q: Some of your pages take a long time to load, do you think we all have T1’s?

A: I have tried to trim down every aspect of the site as much as possible by converting my images to jpg’s and making them smaller, along with other HTML trickery. This is as fast as it’s going to get, gang. The WWW is, after all, a full-on sensory experience, and I feel that sound and graphics are what differentiate the web from many other mediums. Kick back, be patient…I like to think that my pages are worth the wait.

Q: What kind of computer do you have, Cobra Master?

A: A really, really big one. Sorry I had to get so technical.

Q: Your site has has so much info. Why spend so much time on a non-commercial endeavor.

A:The whole answer could fill your browser cache, so I’ll keep it short.

  1. I love to learn. In May of 1996 when I started this, I couldn’t even spell HTML. Looka me now!
  2.  I really believe that if you do good things for the world, the world will do good things for you. [See my Meaning of Life page for more on this subject.] I get e-mail often from young students and parents using my site for reports. I get e-mail from keepers and researchers who have found some information they were looking for. Can you spell “warm fuzzy”?
  3. I hope to benefit the medical community by providing a central repository for venomous snakebite emergency treatment information. The “Cobras Who’s Who” and Snakebite Treatment areas are specifically targeted to this goal.