Python snake

A Bully or a Nerd? The Python Snake

When imaging the python snake, thoughts will come to mind of a massive creature that sneaks up on prey before striking. As a result,...
Cobra Anatomy Underneath

The Cobra Anatomy

Any discussion on the Cobra Anatomy will eventually focus on its inflatable neck hood. In the anatomy descriptions, the hood is the name for...
cobra car

Cobra Car: 10 Reasons For Buying A Snake Car

The Cobra car, a.k.a Shelby Cobra or Shelby Mustang, as most sports cars, allows us to discover that unique feeling of freedom, over and...
snake bite first aid

Snake Bite First Aid: GUIDE

This is intended to be a Guide. Snake Bite First Aid The first thing is to remain calm. If you can identify the snake do so....

Mating Snakes: How is a King Cobra Baby Born?

If you browsed our King Cobra Page, you already found out that the world's longest venomous snake is also the only snake that builds...
Taipan Snake

Poll: Which Snake Do you Love Most?

Case Study

Emergency Treatment of Snakebite

PROBLEM or PURPOSE: To present a case involving a snakebite and consider possible remedies to the lack of effective procedures, training and communications with regard...
spitting cobra

Spitting Cobra Bites a 10-month old Baby

According to South African IOL News, a 10-year old foster child was bitten this last wednesday by a ferocious Mozambique Spitting Cobra. The foster child...
Indian Cobra

The Cobra Snake: Fun Facts

You might already know that Cobra is the common name for the notorious members of the family of venomous snakes, Elapidae, known for their...
habitat loss

Habitat Loss: Cobras Found in The ATM?

Every year that passes, more and more Cobra species are becoming threatened and endangered due to extreme habitat loss. This is happening because of...