Designing Dog Friendly Apartments

Looking for tips on designing dog friendly apartments? You reached the right place. Animals in the house are a constant source of happiness. And a constant source of trouble, if the interior is not organized appropriately. Still, it is nice to return home, where someone is waiting for you faithfully. Human life has always been associated with the direct presence of our furry babies at home. While cats are considered to be the keeper of the hearth, dogs perform a guard function. In the old days, raids of wild animals on livestock were frequent and only dogs could protect the house with their barking. In addition to guarding, the dogs participated in the hunt. Thousands of years ago people tamed dogs to hunt with them.

In the modern world, cats and dogs act as companions for humans. They live side by side with their owners and it is necessary to organize the space for their comfortable coexistence.

3 Key Tips for Designing Dog Friendly Apartments:

1. Start with the basics

The floor covering must be very durable and practical. Laminate, porcelain stoneware, and parquet flooring are best suited. Parquet must be of hardwood: oak, larch, elm, etc. For better protection, it is recommended to additionally oil the wood flooring. Thus, the parquet will last longer and withstand jumps, paws, and scratches. 

The walls in the apartment should be covered with paint or vandal-proof wallpaper. The fact is that pets in the absence of owners can be dirty and spoil the walls out of boredom. Cats sharpen their claws, dogs scratch their backs and poke their noses – all this, undoubtedly, leaves traces. 

2. Cover everything

When the overall design of the apartment is thought out, the question arises about the correct selection of furniture and upholstery. The presence of animals in the house guarantees damage to upholstered furniture. Cats can tear the floor with their claws, and dogs gnaw at the legs and corners. Thanks to the large selection of coatings, you can choose a material that is resistant to scratches. 

For example, flock is a fiber-free material. The claws do not bite or scratch its surface. In addition to upholstery, the furniture should also be scratch-resistant. Modern manufacturers produce doors, chairs, tables, cabinets with a coating that is resistant to impact and scratches. Such furniture retains its original appearance for a long time. The assortment of this kind of furniture is very wide at, and you can find the perfect match for your interior design (and your four-legged friend).

It is important to consider where the puppy will be while you are not at home. Do not think that your furry baby is special – and it will not gnaw your furniture and shoes and will patiently admire your wallpaper. Therefore, you need to decide which part of the apartment you are ready to give up or not. There are several options here. You can give the animal a whole room or corridor, as some owners do, but not everyone can afford it. 

You can also build an enclosure in any room – this means that the floor should be covered with a piece of linoleum, and there should be a structure on it, such as a fence, which could be electrical, for example (more info on this topic can be found here). The fence should not fall when the dog jumps on it and should be high enough for a dog not to climb or jump over it. 

And the last option is a cage of the same size as the dog is. You need to train the dog to the cage from the first days because if an adult dog is put in a cage, it will suddenly howl and try to get out of it in every possible way. You can read more about cages on dog care websites, such as

3. Keep it nice

In addition to strength and durability, you want to add aesthetics to the interior. Keeping animals does not have to be a hindrance and detriment to the overall style of the house. Beds, bowls, and toys are easy to clean when needed. The feeder can be built into the closet and visually will not stand out. Any furry animal will leave hair. Modern devices will make cleaning easier. An excellent solution for apartments where pets live is a robot vacuum cleaner.

Dog Friendly ApartmentsDesigning dog friendly apartments can be a challenge. Each animal is unique. All dogs have their own special character and habits. By understanding your pet, you can easily arrange for it the best conditions in your home. The main thing that our four-legged friends need is love, attention, and care from their humans.

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