ways to feed your pets

We only want the best for our pets, be they scaly, fuzzy, furry, or fluffy. With busy schedules it can be tough to be there for them every time they need us, and sometimes their toys, food, and routine can become just plain boring.

Year after year new research emerges and as a result new pet care inventions are put on the market. You might not be aware of how much fun you and your pet can have during feeding time with some of these cool new products available.

We all know now about “automatic” water dishes, which fill your dish after the water drops below a certain level, but what about automatic feeders? Or other engaging methods of feeding your animals so it isn’t a mindless task?

Here are just a few fun or innovative ways to make sure your pets get the nutrition they need, whether you are home or not.

1.     Automatic Cat Feeder

Many pet owners know about automatic dry food feeders, but what about automatic wet food feeders? Most felines need a good balance of solid and wet food for a good diet and to receive the right nutrients. When you work long hours, it might be difficult to keep them on a consistent schedule of wet and dry food.

However, the good news is that an automatic cat feeder for wet food does exist, and it can make the life of a cat owner so much easier. You won’t have to worry about that feeding schedule again!

2.     Puzzle Feeders for Dogs

Like children, dogs need lots of stimulation and engaging activities to keep them entertained and to help them learn. Instead of putting your dog’s meals in a boring old bowl, consider getting an interactive or puzzle feeder, which challenges your dog just a little bit more in order to find their food.

It sounds like it might be unfair, but these puzzle feeders are not as complicated as they sound. Many are simply in the shape of a maze, and some are made of soft rubber in different shapes and textures to engage the dog’s curiosity. It’s a great way to entertain and feed your dog all at once!

3.     Make it a Hunt for Snakes

Snakes get most of their exercise in their natural habitats during hunting. For snakes in terrariums at home, no matter how large or small the tank or the snake, simply dropping their food into the cage can lead to a number of things – a hunger strike from the snake, the snake getting obese, or misleading signs of aggression.

A way to engage your snake and prevent these other possibilities is deceptively simple – experts have said to make your reptile hunt.

If your terrarium has a lot of décor, try hiding the prey in a difficult (but not impossible) spot. Prior to placement, rub the mouse (or whatever food) around the tank to create a trail for your snake to follow. This will simulate a hunt and give your snake some exercise too!

4.     Food Ball for Bunnies

If you have a rabbit, you know how energetic they can be. Many companies have started creating food balls, which encourage rabbits to put in a little extra effort to get their food. These toy-feeder combos enrich your bunny’s life by providing them with an engaging activity and food at the same time. The toys are relatively simple and highly affordable, and make for a great addition to a bunny’s life.

Feeding Your Pet Just Got A Lot More Fun

There are so many ways to make mealtime more fun for your pets, whether it be toys or presenting a challenge. Feeding methods change depending on the species, so sometimes you just have to get creative when the routine becomes boring.

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