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Searching for a short guide on dog clothing? Asking yourself if to buy dog pants for your beloved one? You’ve reached the right place. 

Almost every child who grew up in a household without pets wished for a pet and nagged their parents to get one for them. Often adults are unwilling to bring a pet into their home, ignoring their children’s pleas, and argue that having a pet entails great responsibility (and cleaning!). They tell their children that pets require a lot of care, like daily walks, baths, food, and training. 

However, sooner or later, parents can’t say no to the puppy eyes their children make when begging for a pet, so they agree to buy one. That is when the fun begins. The pet brings instant happiness and relieves stress, so we end up wanting to do more for it. We feed it with good food, cuddle with it and even buy fancy clothes for our pets. 

A dog dressed in the latest trend is not an uncommon sight on the city streets. But, what exactly is fashion for dogs and how did dog clothing start? Since dogs are part of the family, many people want to spoil them. It makes us happy when they wear anything that looks fabulous. This, of course, is one of the reasons why owners buy clothing for their dogs. The second would be that they are warm and don’t catch a cold. 

The selection of dog clothes is enormous, ranging from tracksuits to haute couture clothing. Before we answer the question of do you need to get dog pants, let’s start with a little history.

Where did the idea for Dog Clothing come from? 

Nowadays, there is a wide selection of clothing for dogs, from ordinary scarfs to shiny dresses with rhinestones. It appears that many think the whole concept of dog clothing was invented just recently, with the trendsetter being Paris Hilton’s famous Chihuahua. However, that is not the case. 

Dog clothing bore great importance even in ancient times. Back then, beautiful silk clothes were put on dogs combined with heavy, powerful armor. This iron armor not only served as a protection for the dog but also gave it an intimidating look. 

Going further to 18th century England, trendy pet clothing in the modern sense started to appear. The reason behind the British dressing up their pets in fancy clothing had little to do with the cold weather, as many might believe. The reason was that in civilized society, it was deemed impolite to show off one’s four-legged companions “naked.” Some believe that the Queen herself was the trendsetter for dog fashion at that time.

The first clothes that appeared on the market weren’t as sleek and fancy as those now, but that was only the beginning of it all. 

A Japanese fashion designer named Yakio Kato made a significant contribution to pet fashion in the 1980s. The clothes he designed for his dog turned out to be extremely practical. When he appeared on the streets with his dog in that attractive clothing, people knew immediately that they want to dress their pets like that too. The dog’s nice clothing completely stole the spotlight. Due to people’s massive interest, Yakio Kato continued to design pet clothing, like shirts, dresses, capes, and other fun accessories. 

Does your dog need clothing? Do You really need to get Dog Pants?

Many people believe that clothing for pets is necessary if you live in a city since animals’ paws aren’t used to that type of climate. For instance, during summer, high temperatures cause the asphalt to heat to the point where it starts to melt, which can cause considerable harm if the animal’s paws aren’t protected. Therefore, dog clothes serve as both accessories and protection. As experience has shown, if a dog is taught to wear clothes from the time it is a puppy, it would be delighted to wear its trendy costumes.

dog clothingThere are summer outfits available. Such dog-themed clothing is recommended for hairless dog breeds such as Mexican and Peruvian hairless dogs, as well as Chinese crested dogs. When taking walks during the summertime, their skin is vulnerable to sunburn. To prevent this, dogs should wear lightweight mesh clothing that protects their skin from chafing when wearing a harness or collar.

Many dog breeders dress their dogs in special overalls during walks in the woods to protect them from ticks and other insects. There are also special cooling vests for animals to wear during hotter periods of the day. Warming blankets are also used to shield dogs from hypothermia following excessive physical effort in the winter.

It’s essential to focus on the animal’s comfort when choosing dog clothing. The clothes you buy for them shouldn’t interfere with their movement and make them feel uncomfortable. Also, they shouldn’t be too big on them and hang. Some dogs aren’t comfortable in overalls but don’t oppose vests.  

Make sure to remove all small accessories attached to the clothes to make them look more appealing. Dogs might play with them and end up chewing them. Also, watch out for any additional elements that might chafe the skin and cause harm to your pet.

Train your dog to wear clothes

Pet owners today have access to a vast array of items, ranging from pet food to toys. Fashion evolves at a rapid pace. Daily and evening dresses for dogs and cats are designed to fit the owners’ preferences. However, with so much choice, finding high-quality and useful items for your four-legged friend can be challenging. It’s even more challenging to teach your dog to wear them.

To adjust a dog to clothing, try putting it on your dog at home and letting it sniff it. If the dog refuses to wear it, you should not insist on it. You should give your pet some time to adjust. You can tell if the dog is at ease by looking at its behavior. If it goes around the house in the clothes and doesn’t lay on the floor trying to get the new accessories off, then it means it has accepted and is comfortable when wearing them.

Sometimes experts caution against overusing dog clothes and overdressing your four-legged buddy. After all, the clothes were created to make your life with the dog more enjoyable and healthier, not for display of your stylistic abilities.

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