best pet suggestions for seniors

The companionship of a pet is a longstanding indulgence of humans, and your age doesn’t nullify the many positive effects of owning a pet.  However, getting older means that you may require a pet that can live at your pace.  

There are plenty of low maintenance pets from which to choose, and it’s important that you choose one that fits your personality and lifestyle.  Take a moment to read through a brief look at some of the best pet suggestions for aging seniors, and make a new friend today.  

Leopard Geckos Are Exceptional

Leopard Geckos may not be first in your line of thoughts when you’re looking for a pet, but they are exceptional creatures.  Once you get your gecko home and in its habitat, there’s little to do to maintain their lifestyle.  

Clean the cage out once a week.  Feed your gecko at least four times a week, and make sure it has an adequate water source.  Leopard Geckos also like to be handled by their owners. You can hang out with your new buddy while watching the evening news.  

Dogs are always good

Once you reach an age where you can’t really do everything for yourself, you can always get a service dog to help.  Dogs are great helpers, and certain breeds have an innate desire to help. You may have chosen a lovely caregiver, but there’s nothing more rewarding than the love of a pup.  

Get yourself a fish

Fish are great pets, and they don’t take much maintenance.  You’ll need to clean and condition their tank from time to time, but you can even purchase devices that will maintain the tank for you.  

Fish don’t have the longest lifespan, so you may not want to get too attached.  However, the ambiance of a tank with several colorful fish floating around can be very calming.  

Birds make great companions

The typical pet birds that come to mind like parrots or macaws are typically expensive and hard to handle.  They talk a lot and can be pretty disruptive of a peaceful home environment.  

Canaries and parakeets are better suited to the life of aging adults.  Cockatiels are also quiet friends who can be taught to talk.  You may consider purchasing a couple of love birds to watch as well.  

Cats are extremely low maintenance

Cats are great pets for the elderly, as they typically do their own thing.  They are independent pets that only require feeding and a clean litter box.  

If you have respiratory issues, it’s best to keep the litter box tucked away.  Arrange for someone else to clean the litter box, as the ammonia fumes can be disruptive to your breathing.  

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