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¤ First things first: Cobras are not poisonous, they are venomous. This means that even though they have deadly venom in their sacs, the rest of the cobra is edible to predators. This of course, if they are brave enough to try!

¤ The Cobra’s venom is not among the deadliest in the snake world, but cobras can inject so much venom in a single bite that they can even kill an elephant. Sea snakes have deadlier venom, and rattlesnakes have weaker venom. In any case, if you plan to be around these venomous snakes – always have a Snakebite First Aid Kit close by. Coghalan’S Snake Bite Kit is one good option.

¤ Cobras are “ectothermic” or cold blooded, like all Reptiles.

¤ Quiver: A group of cobras is called a quiver.

¤ Are they shy? One of the most surprising Cobra facts, is that they are shy. Cobras will run and hide when people are around. Would you believe that? The exception is King Cobras, who are aggressive, and will rear up and stand their ground when confronted.

¤ Cobras are not deff. They can hear, although they sense sound through contact with the ground much better than humans.

¤ Cobras can also see, and are definitely not blind like many may think. In fact, they see extremely well even at night. However, eyesight is not their only good trait…

cobra facts
Jacobsen’s Organ: Gives the Cobra super smelling ability.   CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE!

¤ With the use of the “Jacobsen’s Organ” (like other snakes), Cobras can sense tiny changes in temperature. This super smelling ability helps them track their prey at night…

¤ How old do Cobras get? In the wild, they can usually live up to 20 years old or more.

¤ Cobras hardly have any potential predators,  except for the mongoose, and humans. Cobras are at the top of the food chain. Want more info on this? Read our post about the Cobra Predators.

cobra facts
Snake Charmers: Many remove the fangs or the venom sacs. Photo by: Rossella Apostoli

¤ Many snake charmers remove the fangs or the venom sacs from their cobra snakes, because it is too dangerous. This practice is of course illegal, and is considered inhumane to the snake. To learn more you can read our post about Snake Charmers in India.

¤ Cobras eat fish, frogs, birds, toads, lizards, eggs and chicks raided from poultry houses. In addition, they prey on small mammals such as rabbits and rats, and even other snakes. To learn more about this topic, read our post “What Do Cobras Eat?

¤ Cobras are quite intelligent, and can learn quickly. This helps them avoid dangerous areas. As a Cobra owner for many years, John Klein wrote a wonderful post on their intelligent snake brain. 

King Cobra Facts

¤ This is definitely my favorite of all cobra facts: King Cobras are the only snake in the world that build a nest for their young, just like a bird, but on the ground!

cobra facts
Guarding the Nest: King Cobra. Photo by Kobchaima

¤ King Cobra young are called hatchlings since they come from eggs. Hatchlings are about 50cm long.

¤ King Cobras (Ohiophagus hannah) will eat other snakes! The Latin word for “snake-eater” is ophiophagus.

¤ King Cobras are the longest venomous snake in the world! The average male grows 18 feet long, and some have been known to grow more than 20 feet long.

¤ King Cobras mainly inhabit Southern Asia, Northern Africa and the Philippines. Other species of cobras roam as far as Australia, New Guinea, and most of the Eastern hemisphere.



¤ If you ever thought of owning this fearsome snake, you should know that it is illegal to keep a cobra as a pet in most places, mainly because they are so dangerous.

snake bite first aid
Going to Snake Territory? CLICK HERE!

¤ This is surely among the most surprising Cobra Facts on this list. Do you know that Cobras don’t always inject venom when they bite something? Well, if they choose to they can perform a “dry bite”. However, you can never know what a Cobra might do, so whenever you’re in snake territory – have a Snake Bite First Aid Kit at hand!

¤ Baby cobras have full strength venom and can defend themselves fully like their parents.

cobra facts
Cobras hood: Created by the extenstion of the ribs behind the snake’s head. Photo by:  Nireekshit [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
¤ A cobras hood is created by the extension of the ribs behind the snakes’ head.

¤ Cobras vary in weight from only a few ounces for a typical African Ringhals, to 35 lbs. for a large King.

¤ The best special medicine given to cobra bite victims, called “antivenin”, is made from cobra venom.

¤ Cobras are revered in India and Southeast Asia. The Hindus consider them manifestations of Shiva, the god of destruction and regeneration. The Buddhists believe a massive cobra spread its hood over the Buddha to protect him from the sun while he meditated. Cobra images guard the entrances of many Buddhist and Hindu temples. King Cobras have also been worshipped as sun deities and associated with rain, thunder, and fertility. On the annual lunar holiday of Nag Panchami, Hindus refrain from plowing and field work out of respect for cobras.

¤ The Cobra has definitely become the most revered Snake on the planet. It’s become a powerful Brand by itself. A unique brand that portrays fear, awe and strength. It is used by dozens of corporations and organizations, from sport cars, golf clubs and up to insurance companies. There are hundreds of products that take on the ‘Cobra’ brand, without being afraid.


We’ve collected for you some of the most unique Cobra products, from the snake’s replicas, Cobra Apparel, Gadget design, Jewelery and even some beautiful walking sticks. Let us know what you think, and if you know of any other cool cobra stuff – please let us know!

We begin with the most basic of all. The things we wear…

Cobra Apparel

Cool clothing apparel such as t-shirts, jackets, vests and costumes are immensely popular among the young and old. We are all seeking for unique items to wear. Items that embody awe-inspiring powers of Cobra. The T-shirts made by Mountain Men and Wellcoda definitely complete that task. The cool Cobra Jacket and Cobra Vest are a great accessory for any bike rider, and the cute Cobra Costume is perfect for snake-loving kids.

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Cobra Replicas

These stunning Cobra replicas and figurines bring the cobra fantasy and legend into life. There are Cobras made of rubber, stone resin, wood and even a bronzed Cobra. Some are used as great scary pranks in halloween, while others are used as statues of the most amazing snake in the world.

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Cobra Gadget Design

Since the computer revolution started, cases for smartphones, pads or laptops have been growing in popularity for years. It was perfectly natural that snake lovers would find their favorite creatures on these cases as well. There are cases for the iPhone, iPad and Samsung devices…

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Cobra Jewelery

The incredible admiration to the Cobra and it’s mystique powers began thousands of years ago, when people used to decorate their bodies with Cobra designed Jewelry. They believed that wearing cobra artifacts would provide them with the snake’s powers. Today, people are still searching for these same powers. We can find different sorts of Cobra Jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants. Take a look…

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And least but not last, there are also dozens of Cobra products for the old among us, such as these beautiful Cobra Walking sticks…

cobra facts

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For those of you who want even more detailed information about Cobras and other Snakes, we highly recommend the comprehensive encyclopedia about snakes, “The New Encyclopedia of Snakes”, available on Click on the Book image on the left to get more details!

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