Why Does My Cat Knock Her Water Fountain

Owning a pet cat can be fun and challenging at the same time. They can be confused and frightened at times. Cats are very emotional and read human minds well. It comes as no surprise they are referred to as pets for people with health ailments. 

Cats are adorable. They bring joy and happiness into your lives by coming up with their naughty antics and their playful nature. However, you need to know a few things well in advance before getting a pet cat. 

This way, you can ensure that your new family member feels very much at home. In this post, we will try to find out why cats flip water fountains and food dishes over at times. Well, most cats do that. 

Cats love to do it!

One of the most common answers found online is cats love to do that. Probably you can ask a friend or colleague who owns a cat. They would probably tell you the same. They love to flip the water fountain and food dish, only to eat the contents from the floor. 

It does get annoying, especially if you reside in a cool area or your space is limited because you have to clean up the mess often. However, you can place the water fountain in your bathroom if you have some space. 

That way, even though your cat flips the water fountain, you are saved from the agony of mopping up. The same cannot be said about food because you can place the food dish in the corner of the kitchen and allow your cat to consume it. 

Cats are Inquisitive!

Unlike other animals like dogs and birds, who are disciplined to a certain extent, cats are curious. As you know, tigers belong to the cat family. The hunting instincts kick in when they consume food. 

Though they are domestic animals, they like to catch the prey and then consume it. Hence, they want to play with their food for some time and then eat it with glee. You can notice it in the nighttime. 

If you give them a toy to play, then they keep staring at the toy for hours then they pick it up, drop it inside the food dish, and then eventually eat it. Not to mention, they also play with other items like shoelaces.

The bowls could be small in size. 

Another good reason for that is because of the size of the food dish or water fountain. When cats eat their whiskers, keep touching the plate. When this happens, then tend to get annoyed with it. Hence, they push the contents over to the ground and then drink or consume it. 

Always make sure that the bowl is slightly on the larger side to ensure that there is sufficient space for them. The stainless steel plates are the best solution for them. Of course, you need to ensure that you wash the plates once they have finished eating. Not to mention their sense of smell is healthy too. If they smell something funny, then they may not consider eating the food again. 

How to take personalized care of your pet cat?

Taking personalized care of your cat is your duty to ensure that your animal stays healthy and fine. The first thing to purchase would be water and food bowls. You also need a litter box, a collar with an identification tag. 

On the identification tag, put the cat’s name, your name and address, and phone number. A brush is also a good idea, especially bed and furniture if possible because cats love to fool around. Toys for cats like fuzzy animals are fine. Lastly, you will need a post for scratching. They love to scratch for hours. 

The above were some of the items you need when having a cat in your home. You will want to select a room where you want to have your cat.

Things you need to buy for a cat!

That allows it to adjust to the smell and sounds. However, you can have your cat in the hall if space is an issue. This happens when you are residing in an apartment. But, you may need to give the company to the cat at night. 

They may not prefer to sleep alone at night. Cats love privacy. You can buy two litter boxes and place them in two different areas of the home. When it is time for your cat to eat, make sure that the area is quiet and peaceful. 

Cats do not like a noisy environment. Hence when they are eating, make sure that your kids or other pet animals are not boring it. They love to play with toys. Wands, ball toys, and fuzzy toys would be ideal for them. 

In the litter box, you can place some warm clothing or a small blanket to ensure that the cat is comfortable. It is vital if you are living in a cold region. That ensures that the cat stays warm and comfortable.

Cats love to sharpen their claws. Hence, they need a scratching post. You also need to see to that you trim their nails at least once a month at least. If you do not have scratching stations in your home, then it may attack your furniture and other items around your home. 

Cats are gentle and adorable animals. You would be surprised that physicians suggest them for people with mental or health issues. Cats give a good company and do not require too much care and maintenance, unlike dogs and birds. 

I hope you found this article on why my cat knocks water fountain over useful. We read some reasons for them doing that. They love to have fun, they are curious, and perhaps the size of the plate might be an issue. Whatever the reason, as a responsible pet owner, you need to make sure that you take good care of your cat. The initial period might be slightly odd for both you and the cat. But, once you get to know its likes and dislikes, you will get along well. 

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