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It is not a secret that humans benefit from nature, from the food that we eat down to the clothes that we wear and even stress relief. It’s also for this reason that it’s a good idea to have a garden in our homes. Aside from the usual plants and decorative boulders, your home garden can also have a pond in its midst. In this article, we lay out some of the most important benefits a small garden pond can give to you and your garden. 

1. Water reflects light

We all know that water is reflective. Aside from the additional illumination, such reflections also distribute sunlight’s photosynthesizing glory to your garden. An added bonus is the day-round glistening of the water surface, which adds a sophisticated touch to your home garden. 

Having said that, it is really important to choose the right spot for the pond. If you want to benefit from its sunlight reflecting properties, it should be big enough to spread enough illumination and exposed enough to catch enough rays during the day. This becomes a bit of a challenge if you are surrounded by full-grown trees or high-rise structures. Because of this, it is wise if you at least consult with a professional landscape architect before you start working on the pond or your garden as a whole.  

small garden pond
Water reflects light.

2. A Small Garden Pond allows you to indulge in Fishkeeping

There are many types of animal lovers out there. Many love dogs or cats, and then there are those who love fish. If you are among those who love these swimming creatures, then a pond is a must-have for your garden. A small garden pond will give you more freedom to indulge in fishkeeping, given the size and the near-natural conditions of the pond, as opposed to the heavily simulated environment of aquariums. 

Of course, you still have to know whether or not the different kinds of fish and animals that you raise are compatible with each other. Suppose you want to raise koi that you can get from very popular fish sites like Koi Market. They are most likely raised in captivity, so you have to be careful with the other animals that you put in the pond together with them. Other fish and water creatures that can live with them in a small garden pond are goldfish, catfish, the Japanese trapdoor snail, and the equally attractive rainbow fish.

3. Water in ponds help regulate temperature

Compared to air, water is denser and takes more time to heat up or cool down. This is the reason water remains cool even when the surrounding area is already heating up. As such, having a pond is helpful when you experience extremely cold nights at your home. The heat that it stores in the day can serve as a source of warmth for you and your plants during the cold nights. 


More than just enhancing the look of a particular place, a pond also has some important environmental contributions. We’ve seen in the above discussions that having one well-situated pond in your garden can make the space more conducive not only for your plants but also for you. 

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