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Goldfish are great pets, but do they make for the most interesting aquariums? Not really.

Goldfish are the most common and popular type of pet fish out there. Are you hoping to create an aquarium that stuns? If so, then you’ll have to think outside of the traditional fishbowl.

Not sure where to start or what types of freshwater fish to look for? We’ve got your back! Read on to learn about some unique creatures that are sure to impress your friends and family.

5 Types of Freshwater Fish for Your Aquarium

1. Indian Dwarf Puffer Fish

Have you always dreamed of having a pufferfish pet? If so, then you likely already know that most pufferfish species are of the saltwater variety.

Saltwater tanks are tricky to care for. Even if you feed your aquarium using the ultimate ecopack, it still needs a lot of care.

Looking for good news? The Indian Dwarf Pufferfish is a freshwater species! They’re adorable and easy to take care of. It’s the perfect fish for beginners.

2. Zebra Plecos

Plecos are adorable algae eaters, but we bet you didn’t know they come in zebra stripe patterns! These fish are native to the Amazon river. They’re also super easy to take care of even if you’re a beginner.

3. Discus

Are you looking for a type of fish that’s colorful and bright? If so, then a Discus fish might be right for your tank.

freshwater fish for Aquarium
Discus fish

Discus fish come in a huge variety of colors, so yours will likely have a special design. They also have yellowish-red eyes, which make them even more interesting.

Discus fish are thin and pretty fragile. They also need a big tank (at least 75 gallons). So, if you’re in the market for a Discus, make sure you have the equipment to care for your new pet first.

4. Elephantnose Fish

You’ve heard of narwhals, but what about the elephantnose fish?

These adorable creatures resemble miniature dolphins. They have a long snout, and they’re one of the most exotic types of freshwater fish you can find.

They aren’t recommended for beginners, though, because they’ll need a lot of care.

5. Sabertooth Barracuda

Are you a piranha fan? If so, then you’ll adore the Sabertooth Barracuda. True to its name, you can identify these fish by their visible teeth.

They have two very large fangs, and they’re often nicknamed vampire tetras. This is not a fish for beginners, though. They actually prey on vicious piranhas in the wild!

Find The Right Freshwater Fish For Your Aquarium

Any of the above types of freshwater fish would be a great addition to your tank. Before you rush out to your local pet store, you need to do your research, though. Some fish do not get along, and others have specific needs.

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