pet snake

When choosing a snake as a pet, you have to know that you are making a very long-term commitment. A lot of species can live to over 20 years. You also need to be willing to feed prey to your snake. Pre-killed prey is the best choice and often comes frozen in bags. Taking care of a snake as a pet cannot be compared to having a dog or a cat as a pet. If this is not a problem for you then you still need to know that there are some other requirements that you need to keep in mind.

Get A Healthy Snake

The first tip is that you have to make sure that you are getting a healthy snake. It’s vital that you look out for any signs of illness. This could include bubbles coming out of the nose, mouth rot, closed eyes or even retained skin. It’s helpful to ask for a feeding demonstration so you can make sure that your snake is taking to pre-killed prey well. Ball pythons are very notorious for having a range of feeding problems so keep that in mind.

Beginner Snakes

Some of the best pet snakes for beginners include ball pythons, corn snakes, king snakes or milk snakes. These snakes tend to be very well-sized and they are also very easy to care for as well. You can buy them from a huge range of breeders too. If you want some snakes to avoid then keep an eye out for Burmese pythons, water snakes, boa constrictors and green snakes. Any kind of snake that is dangerous to the owner should be avoided; the bite of a venomous snake and the crushing power of a constrictor can be deadly to humans.

Provide a Thermal Gradient

Every snake needs to be able to regulate their body temperature so that they can move between a warm or cool area. If you are able to provide this for your snake, then they will be much happier. You need to do this by ensuring that the warm side of the tank is hot enough for the snake to digest their meals. There are some common signs that your snake is about to shed as well, and temperature is vital to this.

Finding an Escaped Pet

If your snake tends to be an escape artist, then this information about finding a lost pet will help you. You need to know that your snake will likely head for a space that is warm and enclosed. They may also head to somewhere that is away from noise too.

Go to a Reputable Store When Choosing a Pet Snake

If you go to a reputable store, then they will be able to tell you if your snake is healthy and they can also let you know if there is anything that you can do to care for your snake better. This is of vital importance, so make sure that you keep this in mind if you can. If you are having a hard time finding a store near you then it is more than possible for you to get your snake delivered, but again, look up reviews and always ask the store if they can give you some advice as this will help them to demonstrate their knowledge.

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