Lizard eggs

Do lizards lay eggs? The answer is yes and no. Some reptiles lay eggs while some give birth to their offspring. The same is done by lizards. Some lizards lay eggs while some give live birth. You will find lizard eggs of geckos, iguanas and monitor lizards. You won’t find blue tongue lizards, Solomon island lizards and shingle-back lizards laying eggs. They give birth to their live offspring.

Why do lizards lay eggs and reproduce like mammals has a simple reasoning. It is the possibility of a particular species engaging in male-female coupling. Some lizards mate and then lay the eggs, conceal the lizards eggs in a safe place and move on with their lives. These lizards don’t return to their eggs, ever. Some lizards mate and give birth to live offspring. Some lizards also procreate through asexual reproduction. However, it is quite rare.

Like most animals, lizards also have a breeding season or specific circumstances when they reproduce. However, there is no uniformity across the lizard kingdom. There are variations in the time of the year and the circumstances depending on the species of the lizard. Also, there is no standard rule of how many lizards eggs the species would lay at a given point in time. Some lizards can lay up to half a dozen eggs at the same time while some species would lay only one lizard egg at a time. Like all eggs, lizards eggs are also dependent entirely on the incubation process. Whether they would hatch or not and whether the offspring would be alive or not depend on the incubation process. If the incubation is successful, which happens naturally in the wild and under controlled environment in captivity, then the lizards eggs would hatch and the offspring would be alive and healthy.

Those who intend to breed gecko lizard eggs in captivity must learn the art and science of incubation. Incubating lizard eggs is easier than bird eggs but it still requires a controlled setting that has to be mastered.

Also, most lizards have a tendency to reproduce with uncertainty. While the expectation may be a certain number of lizards eggs, the number could be much less or more. There can be uncertain or unexpected laying of lizards eggs as well. It all depends on the breeding of the lizards and the genetic traits of a particular species. All such factors must be studied before dealing with lizards eggs.

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