baby turtles
Photo by Macsim

Baby turtles are quite difficult to raise. They require dedicated care and a very well arranged environment. You should know that Reptiles are not among the easiest of pets to have. Even if a leopard gecko appears to be friendly and doesn’t pose much danger, baby turtles should not be included in the same category. Raising baby turtles is a tough job and only a dedicated pet owner should consider the option. If someone has a mild interest in baby turtles or is slightly passionate about the whole experience just as a hobby, then the course ahead is not really a desirable one.

Turtles in general are quite demanding species. They need a lot of attention, care and they can also live long which means that the owner will have to spend a lot of time for many years remaining dedicated to the pet. This is not to discourage anyone from owning and raising baby turtles but just to give you guys a reality check. It’s a big chunk of responsibility.

Also, baby turtles are carriers of salmonella which is dangerous for kids. This is the reason why the Humane Society of the United States has recommended not having baby turtles as pets and certainly not considering them if a family has infants around.

Here’s a brief but helpful guide on raising baby turtles:

  • First, you will need your baby turtle from a trusted source. You would then have to create its habitat which will require an aquarium, water, heat lamp, soil and stones and then for the turtle you would need the recommended food.
  • Next, you will have to create the habitat. You need to set up the aquarium. The best place to keep the aquarium is close to the window or any opening wherefrom the baby turtles can get ample sunlight or natural light. The aquarium doesn’t have to be exorbitantly large but it should not be small either. Baby turtles tend to grow into large sizes and they would quickly outgrow their habitat if the aquarium is not large enough. Besides, the turtles have to move around and swim in the water so the aquarium should be a large tank.

    baby turtles
    Ready to raise a family? Look at this family of Map Turtles. Photo by Gaschwald
  • You can cover the bottom of the tank or aquarium with soil and place a few rocks, slates or some artificial trees and small plants inside. You can go with decorative plants as well which otherwise would not contaminate the tank but make the setting look beautiful.
  • You should have the heat lamp right above the aquarium and you would need a pump to clean out the water regularly. You should adhere to the dietary recommendations that you get at the time of buying baby turtles or what your vet states.


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