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Pets provide us with great companionship that is hard to find even in humans. This is why there is an old saying that “dogs make the bests of friends”. However, having a pet comes with so much financial responsibility. Most people who have gone down this road before can testify to this fact. This is the reason why there are increasing numbers of stray pets as owners who can no longer keep up with the financial obligations prefer to cut loose with their pets and let them be taken into adoption.

Do not be discouraged! Owning a pet is a lovely idea; don’t let the financial obligations deter you from having one.

Cat or a Dog? Which is cheaper to own? In this informative guide, we are going to break down the cost of having the two pets so you can make a choice.

Providing a Home

Cats, unlike dogs, do not need lots of equipment when it comes to setting up their homes. You will need a leash for a dog and a crate for his bedtime too when you are not at home. Depending on your preference, you may consider getting a harness for your leash too.

For both animals, you will need a pet carrier, food, and water dishes so the cost is invariably the same. Other care equipment like collars, flea powders, bathing, and washing stuff is also in the same price range.

Cats can occasionally claw your stuff at home but are not destructive. Puppies play too much and just like babies can ruin stuff around your home.


Feeding is more expensive for dogs when compared to having a cat. Although dogs’ meals are cheaper than that of a cat, dogs eat more food, and hence the cost of feeding them is more. You can consider buying your pet foods online, at retailers such as Swell Pets.


There is a tie here as both animals need regular visits to the vet especially when they are younger. You


Owning a dog is obviously more expensive. Dogs require high maintenance so they are expensive to care for when compared to cats. Although the cost of having both animals is the same in most areas, the dog comes up top in the pricy areas.

Having a dog comes with other extra benefits that can compensate for the cost of raising them. Dogs are very social when compared to cats. They are more of a companion than a pet. Cats love to be pampered; they are generally lazy and demand your attention all the time. Dogs can fend themselves. They are easily inculcated into the family and are better pets for kids. They are more cheerful, playful, and dependent. Id

There are other things you should consider when getting a pet. Factors like the size of your house, the nature of your job, your family, the age of your kids, and the amount of free time you can spare for an extra pet. All these factors also play a big role in getting a pet.

You can meet consultants to help you make a choice between owning a dog or a cat, these experts will help you evaluate your options and make the right choice.

Whichever pet you choose, whether cat or dog, be prepared to make financial commitments and reap the benefits of having a warm companion.

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