Lizard Names: How To Name Your Pet?

Lizard Names
What's Your Name? Photo by Jasminko Ibrakovic

Naming your Reptile pet and selecting that one unique name that you like, out of an endless array of Lizard Names, is not an easy task. However, it’s just one tiny part of having a per lizard. Petting a lizard can be quite captivating and also challenging. Petting a dog is easier than training a dog. Owning a cat is also relatively easier. When you deal with reptiles or exotic pets, then you have to be more dedicated. Not only is training a lizard more than hundred times as difficult as training a dog, petting a lizard is also exponentially more challenging.

When you decide to have a lizard for a pet, you should invest enough time and effort to learn how to choose a lizard, how to create its ideal habitat, what you should feed it, what kind of terrain and lights you would have in its home and you must also learn about the dangers or safety measures of having a lizard. Once you get accustomed with all the information and develop the best and safe practices, having a lizard around can be quite fun.

Another challenge you would face as you opt for a lizard as your pet is assessing various lizard names. There are dozens of popular names for lizards. The pet lizard names may be according to convention or you may take a completely unconventional approach. An easy way to pick lizard names is to go for any name that caters to your imagination or preference. Another easy way to pick names for lizards is to consider its species or scientific name and then altering it to suit your preference. The objective is to make a proper noun using the words or the entire scientific name as the origin. If you want uniqueness, then you should have your own way of choosing pet lizard names.

If you want random lizard names which are popular then you may consider Ajax, Amos, Arlian or Arnie, Arther, Astrid and Azul. You may go with Barnabas, Bender, Blubeard, Bubba, Burt or Carlos, Chewie, Cilla, Cleo or Cornolio, Darvarus or Delores, Demonicus or Demon, Dino, Draco, Drake or Durangeo. There are hundreds of such lizard names that you can choose from. Each alphabet has at least a dozen odd popular names for lizards.

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You should consider the physical attributes and natural tendencies of the lizard you have bought before you start choosing pet lizard names. The best names are those that are specific to a particular lizard, based on the color of the body, texture of its skin, size and shape of its head, the kind of tail it has and what kind of activities it indulges in.

People using Lizard Names

There are those innocent pet owners who are just looking for cute names for their lizards, but there are thousands of people and groups exploiting the lizard name for their means. There are of course the positive ones, like various sports teams that call themselves Lizards (New York Lizards). However, there’s currently a vicious group of Hackers called LIZARD SQUAD, known for their cyber attacks on numerous websites, especially those relating to gaming. The LIZARD SQUAD got famous after hacking the social media accounts of Taylor Swift, obtaining nude photos of the pop star.

I just hope all this doesn’t hurt the good name of lizards…


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