Cobra Attack: Man Bitten in Toilet

Cobra Attack
King Cobra. Photo by Poto Wizard

Malaysia: A very unlucky construction worker is currently in critical condition after a King Cobra Attack. The 28-year old Foreign worker from Indonesia was bitten by a 5-meter long cobra in the toilet of his own home in the district of Tuaran. Situated in the West Coast of Sabah, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.

It is believed that the young Indonesian entered the toilet of his home in the late afternoon, without noticing that a snake has slithered in. After a few minutes, the King Cobra attack occurred: The notorious snake lodged its fangs onto the left arm of the young man, who instantly screamed for help. As family members reached him, they somehow managed to get the deadly cobra off of his arm. They then killed the Cobra.

The construction worker was immediately rushed to Tuaran Hospital, together with the dead King Cobra, for venom identification.

As in almost any news event these days, social media posts were among the first to report the incident. However, this time they were to blame for incorrect rumors and posts saying the King Cobra was caught inside the hospital. That was not the case.

The hospital doctors said it was the first case they encountered involving such a big snake.

More about a King Cobra Attack

How does a King Cobra bite? The King has two fixed fangs in the front of his mouth. These deadly fangs are used like needles to inject the venom into its prey. But how strong is the King’s Venom?

You better not mess with this snake. The King Cobra’s Venom is mostly comprised of neurotoxins. These will brutally attack anyone’s central nervous system. One fatal bite by the King can channel a large amount of venom into its prey. The doses range from 200 to 500 mg and even higher. What happens if you are bitten? The symptoms may include severe pain, vertigo, and up to paralysis or coma. The next stage is respiratory failure, and death. Though uncommon, a King Cobra bite may also cause kidney failure.

How fast can it kill? A bite by a King Cobra can lead to death within thirty minutes. One bite can actually kill approximately 20 men. There are even records of King Cobras that have killed elephants in a few hours.

Looking for Anti-Venom? There are only two types of anti-venom produced for treating bites by King Cobras. One is manufactured in Thailand by the Red Cross, while the other is made in India by the Central Research Institute.

For more riveting facts about the King Cobra, click the following Image:



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