3 Types Of Crocodiles You Must See

types of crocodiles
Chinese Crocodile. Photo by Daniele Pietrobelli

There are dozens of species of crocodiles. They are also categorized as crocodiles, alligators, caimans and gharials. While every species of crocodile, crocodilian, alligator, caiman or gharial among others would have something unique to intrigue you with, there are some crocodiles that you should certainly explore or learn about. These few types of crocodiles that you must see are absolutely amazing and stunning. Notwithstanding the fact that almost every croc is terrifying, to varying degrees, the three types of crocodiles that you should certainly be a little wary of are the Cuban crocodile, slender snouted crocodile and the Chinese alligator.

  • The Cuban crocodile which is scientifically known as Crocodylus rhombifer has a small size. But do not let its size or weight fool you. It is a very aggressive species. This species is found in Cuba alone. In other words, it is a Cuban native. The Cuban crocodile has certain quaint characteristics. It has brighter body colors among crocodilians, often being yellowish or greenish and it has pebbled scales. The legs of the Cuban crocodile are strong and long. A Cuban crocodile is typically 6.9 feet to 7.5 feet long and weighs anywhere from 70 to 80 Kg. However, there are some male Cuban crocodiles that can be 11 feet long and weigh more than 200 Kg. The Cuban crocodile is among the most endangered types of crocodiles, mainly because it has been compelled to change its habitats. Besides, there has been rampant hunting, poaching and competition from other species to survive. The Cuban crocodile used to thrive in the Caribbean and Cayman Islands as well. Fossils of the species have also been found in Bahamas indicating how endangered they are, having been wiped off in three regions in the world already.

    Cuban Crocodile
    Cuban Crocodiles. Photo by Surz

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  • The slender snouted crocodile is also known as the African slender-snouted crocodile. It is scientifically known as Mecistops cataphractus. The slender snouted crocodile is a freshwater croc that thrives in west and central Africa. They are not very small but not large either. They are usually 3 m to 4 m in length and weigh anywhere from 125 to 230 Kg. Rarely, a slender snouted crocodile can weigh as much as 325 Kg. As the name implies the croc has a slender snout which helps them in hunting.
  • The Chinese alligator can be found in eastern China. It is similar in appearance to the American alligator but there are quite a few notable differences. The Chinese alligator is smaller and will reach lengths of approx. 5 feet long and it can weigh about 36 Kg. At times, they can be larger at 7 feet and heavier at 45 Kg. Unlike the American alligator, the Chinese alligator is among the very few crocodilians that has a fully armored body, even its belly is armored! In addition, compared to his American uncle, the Chinese alligator has a slightly upturned and more tapered snout, and bony plates on each of its upper eyelids.

    types of crocodiles
    Chinese Crocodile. Photo by Daniele Pietrobelli

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