3 Amazing Turtle Species


Turtles are enticing animals. Some of them are very rare and exotic while some are very readily spotted, found and also bred in captivity. Turtles are known for their long lives and a mystic presence. While a few turtle species have become more popular, there are dozens of different turtle species and subspecies. You may not have come across all types of turtles but it is necessary that you explore at least those that are quite enticing. The three amazing turtle species on our latest list are the Galapagos turtle, the painted turtles and and the yellow bellied turtles.

Giant Turtle Species: The Galapagos

The Galapagos turtle is actually a giant tortoise. Known as Chelonoidis nigra, the Galapagos turtle is the largest turtle or tortoise of all tortoise species. Among reptiles, it is the thirteenth heaviest. Typically, a Galapagos turtle will weigh more than 400 Kg or 900 Lb and it may be as long as 6 feet. The Galapagos turtle is not just known for its weight and size. It is also known for its lifespan. The tortoise can easily live a hundred years. There are Galapagos turtles that have lived more than two hundred years. With advancement in medical sciences and with better understanding of turtles, today a Galapagos turtle bred and raised in captivity can easily live more than one hundred seventy years without much trouble or health complications. The Galapagos turtle is synonymous with the Galapagos Islands which is the only place where they are found.

Painted Turtles

Painted turtles are scientifically known as Chrysemys picta, and among our favorite turtle species. They are the most abundant turtle native to North America. Painted turtles are freshwater turtles and they can be found in Mexico along the northern regions, Louisiana in the United States and southern Canada.

painted turtle
Nature in Balance by Mr. TinDC.

Painted turtles have been around for more than fifteen million years and they have evolved into four subspecies – midland, southern, eastern and western. That evolution, according to the fossils, has happened since the last ice age.

Yellow Bellied Turtles

The Yellow bellied turtle or the yellow bellied slider, known as Trachemys scripta scripta, is also on our list of amazing turtle species. It is a semi-aquatic turtle that is only found in the lucky southeastern states of the United States. It especially thrives in Virginia and Florida. As the name would suggest, yellow bellied turtles have a cute yellow belly. It could be light yellow or dark, stretched all across the concealed side of the turtle or in patches blended with other colors.

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