painted turtle
Nature in Balance by Mr. TinDC.

As we do periodically, the team has come together again in order to search for great Pictures. This time we selected a new thrilling gallery of the most beautiful Turtle Pictures taken in recent years. We have Green turtles, Painted Turtles, some laying eggs while other turtles show amazing family bonds…

Enjoy, and please send us your own favorite pictures of Turtles! CLICK the Images to enlarge.

Text, Credit and Links:

1) Green Turtle in Tenerife

Taken by Philippe Guillaume in 2009, this breath-taking image of a Green Sea Turtle made it to our Gorgeous Pictures list, since it captures the turtle and the diver behind him in amazing fluid movement, tempting us, the viewers, to dive in with them, at least in our dreams…CC License here. 

2) The Majestic Western Painting Turtle

Taken by Shawn McCready in 2014, who was fortunate enough to discover this Majestic Western Painting Turtle on a piece of drift wood. Take a careful look at the brisk colors and details of this magnificent turtle. CC License here. 

3) Turtle Family Walk

Taken by Luz Adriana Villa in 2014, this is definitely one of the most family oriented pictures of Turtles, ever captured. CC License here. 

4) Nature in Balance

Taken by Mr. TinDC in 2011 in Prince George’s County, this Painted Turtle, the most widespread native turtle of North America – precariously balances himself on a log in the Anacostia River. Absolutely stunning. CC License here.

5) Turtles in a Row

Taken by Tambako The Jaguar in 2013, we left one the best pictures, for last, so you get a good taste in your mouth as you soon click on out of this post. Look at these Red-Eared Slider Turtles, as they all gather on this branch, trying to hold on…CC License here.

6) Wary Box Turtle

Taken by Ezra S F in 2008, this profile picture of an Eastern Box Turtle, captures it as it carefully sits still and watches the photographer. CC License here. 

7) The Red-Eared Slider

Taken by Jim The Photographer in 2011, this is with no doubt one of the prettiest close-up pictures of any Red-Eared Slider Turtle. Look at these colors! CC License here. 

8) The Western Painted Turtle

Taken by John McAllister, this gorgeous close-up of the Western Painted Turtle makes you want to dive into his mind, and discover the purest thoughts of a Turtle…

9) At last, Sand

Taken by Aaron Goodman in 2014, this gorgeous Sea Turtle looks as if he’s just returned from a long long journey…CC License here.

Well, we hope you enjoyed our selection of the most gorgeous Turtle Pictures, until our next batch!

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