choosing a dog shampoo for itching

Itching is a common condition in dogs. Most dog owners, however, find it hard to select the right shampoo to help their dog’s skin. Due to the shampoos’ chemical ingredients, what is compatible with your dog’s skin may not be working for another dog. Therefore, do not pick any shampoo and try it on your dog without putting some factors into consideration. Do you want to choose the right shampoo for your dog? Consider the following issues.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Shampoo for Itching:

1. Know the Cause of Itching

While some shampoos are neutral to all dogs, it is of importance to know what is making your dog itch before you buy one. The ability to know this, however, requires research and knowledge. Look for an article on the best dog shampoo for itching according to and read it. From here, you will be able to know the various causes of itching in dogs and some of the best brands in the market today. Choose one that is recommended for the cause of itching in your dog. 

2. Know Your Dog’s Skin Condition

The skin condition of your dog will determine the type of shampoo you use for itching. Itching may prompt you to go and randomly select any shampoo in the market. However, if you buy certain shampoos for a dog with dry skin, you end up harming the dog. Therefore, look for one that is compatible with the skin of your dog. For example, some dogs’ skin develops an allergy to scented shampoos.

shampoo for dogs3. Age of the Dog

Did you know there are shampoos you cannot use for a puppy? Well, if you have a puppy, you need to pay attention to the type of shampoo you use when they feel itchy. Look for shampoos designed for younger dogs. They usually have more gentle ingredients that are not likely to harm them. However, this does not mean there are no general shampoos that you can use on both puppies and older dogs. They are there but ensure you check the ingredients before you buy one.

4. Color of Your Dog

Do you like white or light-colored dogs? If yes, you are limited to the kind of shampoo you use, the same case for the dark-colored dogs. If you like your dog looking bright, the chances are that you love to maintain its color. Therefore, whenever your dog is experiencing itching, use shampoos with brighteners to maintain its color. For dark-colored dogs, you may not need these shampoos with brighteners since they may fade the beautiful color of your dog.

5. Convenience

Consider this scenario, you have an itchy puppy, but both of you have to travel for long hours. To make the puppy feel comfortable, you have to look for a shampoo to get rid of the itch. In such a case, look for waterless shampoos and wipes. They are convenient since you can use them anywhere. These shampoos are also suitable for water averse dogs or in situations where you prefer not to use water on your dog.

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