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For all the people who have pets, buying dog or cat food is one of the most basic everyday needs. We all would like to choose good-quality and top-brand products for our pupils to give them energy and all the necessary vitamins and elements. However, there are many myths about this kind of food and they may be really misleading. In this article we will present the seven most important myths about dog and cat food that you should keep in mind when choosing the best products for your pet.

1. Dog and Cat Food is all the same

Dog food myths are numerous, but the most popular one probably concerns its lack of variety. Well, in comparison with human food, the dog and cat food may not seem dramatically varied. But this doesn’t mean, though, that it must be all the same. There are a lot of variations and alternatives available, depending on your pet age, preferences, and even health issues. For example, you can buy special low-fat or low-sugar products, food for pets with diabetes, for puppies or kittens, and for adult dogs and cats. You can even choose products that have the microelements which improve the pets’ physical ability or will eliminate parasites. The choice is almost endless nowadays.

2. This Food is Tasteless

Despite the fact that dog and cat food isn’t designed to be eaten by humans, a lot of people say that it’s … simply tasteless. Maybe it refers to the look and structure of the products, which isn’t really attractive indeed. But it’s definitely not tasteless. There are many types of pet food that are flavored, for example, with various kinds of meat such as pork, beef, chicken, or even with fish. There’s no need to worry that our pet will eat something totally tasteless. The ingredients and condiments are well-adjusted to the pupils’ taste (not necessarily ours!).

3. It’s Too Expensive

Another myth concerns the prices of pet food – it’s still said to be expensive and you might question yourself: how expensive is it to own a cat or a dog?

Apparently, it’s the same as in the case of any other products – there are many types and brands of dog and pet food, so everyone can choose between many kinds – from the cheapest to the top-quality brand products. It all depends on the customer’s choice then. It’s possible to find relatively cheap products that will conform to your pet’s taste.

4. Pet Food is Unhealthy

It can often be heard that pet food is neither tasty nor healthy. Many people think it’s full of preservatives and other chemical substances that make the products long-lasting and prevent the meat ingredients from rotting. However, nowadays the pet food is designed and created in such a way that it contains all the necessary ingredients and microelements for every pet to grow, and it contains only the minimum of artificial additives. Nevertheless, it’s always reasonable to check the ingredients before buying a product and make sure that it’s relatively preservatives-free. To have a look at the most common additives and preservatives in dog food, visit this page.

dog and cat food
Is dog and cat food too expensive?

5. It’s Fattening

People think that the main reason for a pet’s obesity is the fattening artificial food that they eat. It’s not always true, though. Of course, if a cat and dog eat two kilograms of the food at once, there’s surely something wrong. But although the pet’s diet should always be diversified, in most cases the ready-made food is enough to provide the pet with all the necessary diet ingredients. It should not be fattening itself, so if your dog or cat is gaining weight with no apparent reason, try to take the vet’s advice. It’s not natural for a pet to get obese just because of the food they eat.

6. The Food is Poor-Quality

It’s a common myth that while ‘human’ food needs to be excellent-quality and conform to certain health standards, the pet food can be poor-quality and made from rotten or cheap ingredients. Well, it all depends on a producer finally, but it is definitely not a rule. Pet food tends to be better and better in both quality and taste – that’s also why the prices are often exorbitant. Of course, there are products that are not so healthy and tasty, but they are still an alternative for pet owners who can’t really afford any top-quality items. Still, if you are not sure of the quality of the food you chose, you can always contact the producer to get more information. You can also find a comparison of different brands for example here.


7. It’s Not as Good as ‘Natural’ Food

Certainly, there are people who cook especially for their pets every day, just because they love it, but the majority of people may do so only for their pet’s health and well-being purposes. In fact, however, there is no research that may show that the ‘normal’ food is healthier than the products for pets that can be bought in shops. It’s good to diversify the dog’s or cat’s diet and give them some homemade food such as meat or fish, but it’s no mistake to feed it with the ready-made products. It shouldn’t have negative effects on pupils’ health.

As shown above, there are still a lot of myths concerning the dog’s and cat’s food. However, it’s always good to stay reasonable and combine ready-made products with home-made food. This combination is safe and will make your pet happy. Remember that in case of any doubts, a vet is always a knowledgeable person to help and give advice in terms of the pet’s diet and nutrition.

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