joint pains in dogs

Have you noticed that your furry friend is having a hard time walking? Is it, additionally, becoming irritable for no apparent reason and there is a noticeable loss in appetite? Are its energy levels so not what you have been used to and you can’t figure out why it is sleeping all the time? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then it is time to get to the bottom of behavior like this and you’re your little friend. Visit this page to see what I mean.

Nobody likes to hear this, but I believe that your dog might be in pain. I’m talking about joint pain specifically since all of the above symptoms indicate that. If you thought that this animal will show it is in pain by whining and yelping, then you were very wrong. Canines are strong beings and they tend to go through this all on their own.

Unlike humans, they cannot express themselves with words. Even if they could, I suppose they would be those types that keep quiet about their ailments until it is too late. It is your responsibility to not let it be too late, which means that you will have to observe for signs of illnesses in your canine.

When you notice signs of joint pain, don’t jump to conclusions about what is causing it. Instead, do your research and find out the real reason. Better yet, contact your vet immediately and schedule an appointment. In any case, let me quickly tell you what could be the cause of problems with your dog’s joints.

First, here’s an interesting article to help you notice when your pup is having these issues:


People usually assume that the cause of this pain is arthritis. Don’t get me wrong, it very well might be, but it doesn’t automatically mean that it is. Even when it is arthritis, there are different types of this disease, and some of them are more common than the others.

Rheumatoid arthritis, for example, is not the most common disease that affects our pups, even though it is so often mentioned in connection with joint pain. This ailment puts the canine in a constant state of inflammation, stiffness, and swelling. The worst part is, there is no known cure for the disease, although there are some products that can help and we’ll get to that shortly.

There is also something called immune-mediated polyarthritis, and it appears to be more common than the first type. Once again, it manifests in painful and swollen joints and you’ll notice it if your dog develops a limp or simply has a hard time walking. You can catch it in its early stages by touching their joints and checking if they are unusually warm.

The leaky gut syndrome affects most dogs too and it is closely connected to joint pain. Simply put, this is when toxins attack the gut and, once they have damaged it, they end up pouring into the bloodstream. Joint inflammation could be the first signs of this disease, but it can attack other organs as well in a later stage.


As I have already mentioned, there is no known cure for these types of diseases. Here’s some good news, though. There are products such as the ones found at Holistapet official page known to be able to alleviate pain and inflammation. This might sound unusual, but those products have a lot to do with cannabis.

Even though they are closely linked to cannabis, they are not psychoactive at all. They are made from a compound called CBD which is found in the hemp plant. Research has shown that these products have anti-inflammatory properties, which can really help treat inflammation.

In addition to that, they are known as powerful antioxidants, which will be of help with the leaky gut syndrome. Their ability to manage pain will help your dog get on its paws again and regain the energy that it once had. In other words, your pup will be much healthier and happier and you might see all the pain go away with the help of CBD for dogs.

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