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Dogs are prone to itching skin caused by a variety of irritants. It can seem like a struggle to keep them clean and itch-free, especially for dogs who are prone to hotspots or allergies. Many shampoos and treatments are dependent on strong chemicals that make users hesitate to put on their pets.

PetLab has an itch relief shampoo for dogs that shows some promise in relieving itching skin without harsh chemicals. The shampoo offered by PetLab uses hydrocortisone and lidocaine to control the itching associated with allergies, ticks, and fleas, or other environmental irritants.

Ingredients matter

Pets gnaw at their skin, and frequently lick themselves, especially after a bath. Many anti-itch products list ingredients that could be dangerous to your pet if ingested. Some ingredients can cause further allergic reactions and are known irritants for human skin as well. Given how much contact time we spend petting our dogs, consumers want a product that is safe for themselves, children, and dogs.

The primary ingredients in PetLab’s Anti-Itch Shampoo:

  • Lidocaine—provides topical relief from hotspots, poison ivy, and flea and tick bites. Lidocaine is a common ingredient in over the counter anti-itch medications and sunburn relief for humans.
  • Hydrocortisone—An anti-inflammatory agent that helps inflamed skin to heal. Hydrocortisone is also frequently used in over the counter medications for humans. Medicines that are proven safe for humans give a sense of security that you will not harm yourself or your family with something you use on your pet.
  • Aloe Vera—a plant-based ingredient that people have used for centuries to calm and cool inflamed skin.
  • Collodial Oatmeal—oatmeal serves as a natural moisturizer that helps boost the overall health of a dog’s coat.

There are other ingredients in PetLab’s shampoo, but none are dangerous to dogs or humans in the amounts contained in the bottle. It is comforting to know that you can bathe your dog without risking contact with chemicals that could be harmful to you or your family.

See Your Veterinarian

itch shampoo for dogs
Pets gnaw at their skin, and frequently lick themselves, especially after a bath.

If your dog has recently developed inflamed skin, hotspots, sores, or seems uncomfortable, you should see your veterinarian for a work-up. There are numerous causes for skin irritation in dogs, and your veterinarian is qualified to help determine the cause of a new problem.

A veterinarian will examine the skin and may order blood work to check your dog’s hormone levels and to ensure there is no infection present. Itchy skin is a common problem for dogs, but you want to make sure it is not a symptom of something more serious.

If your dog has an open sore on their body, you should inspect it daily for warmth, discharge, color, and smell. If the area becomes warm, has a smelly discharge, or any other signs of infection, call your veterinarian right away. Infections can be dangerous and should always be treated by a professional.

If your dog has previously been diagnosed with hotspots, allergies, or other skin irritation and the latest symptoms mimic the previous symptoms, then it is safe to try PetLab’s Anti-Itch Shampoo.

Does it work?

PetLab offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if any of their products are not satisfactory. The guarantee confirms that PetLab has full confidence in its products. Veterinarians recommend the active ingredients in PetLab anti-itch shampoo for the treatment and prevention of hotspots, itchiness, and irritated or inflamed skin.

Depending on the breed, some dogs are more prone to certain skin conditions. If you have a pet who has allergies or a skin condition, you know the struggle of finding safe products that work to make your dog more comfortable. Most treatments for hotspots, for example, are made to be applied topically to the affected area. It might provide temporary relief, but the spots will continue to reappear. With PetLab’s anti-itch shampoo, you are taking care of your dog’s entire coat instead of a spot treatment.

Some chemicals that are effective in treating a skin condition can cause overall dryness and dullness in the coat. With a shampoo that treats the skin condition and takes care of your dog’s skin and coat, you save time, money and you can keep your dog looking their bests.

The best way to keep inflammation from reappearing is to ensure that your dog’s coat and skin stay healthy. Make sure to feed them a nutritiously balanced diet and provide plenty of clean water. Many causes of itching or a dull coat are related to the quality of the food your dog eats. Finding the right diet, as well as the right shampoo, will help keep your pet healthy and comfortable.

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