how to get rid of scorpions

 Some areas of the world are lucky enough not to have scorpions in their climate. But people in some regions face a serious problem of lizards and scorpions entering their houses or flats. This is not only unpleasant and inconvenient but also really dangerous, as some scorpion species are really poisonous. They are typical, for example, in the southern parts of the United States. What can you do about it in your house and how is it possible to get rid of scorpions permanently? Luckily, there are some ways to do so, and they mostly involve the use of various repellents. You can check out some possible solutions at the las vegas pest control.

How do scorpions get inside?

Scorpions normally live in deserts or other dry and sunny areas, usually not inhabited by humans. They’re relatively small, so it’s not difficult for them to get into the housing areas, for example in the search for shelter or food. Especially in the colder months, when the temperatures get low, it’s probable that scorpions will be seeking shelter and warmth.  Once they get into a housing area, it’s enough to have an open door or even window to have a scorpion inside. These animals actually love to climb, so if there’s anything hanging from the windowsill, they’re likely to use it to get inside.

How to tell if you have scorpions in the house?

Well, the answer might be obvious – if you see a scorpion, it’s a straightforward indication of their presence. But some other signs include for example the presence of other smaller insects. If you suddenly see a lot of crickets and cockroaches around, you may be sure that the scorpions will come there as well. They ‘chase’ their food, so other insects may bring scorpions along with them.  Also, if you have citrus trees in your garden, you may expect scorpions to appear. They like wet and shady places, such as citrus trees or other bushes.

What to do if I see a Scorpion?

A face-to-face meeting with a scorpion might be a frightening vision, but in fact, if you follow some guidelines and tips, it doesn’t have to be that scary. First, don’t panic. Don’t try to catch or hit the scorpion, as it will become angry. You should rather open the doors and windows wide open to let it go away freely. If you need any professional help, you can always call the fire brigade or other services. 

get rid of Scorpions
First, don’t panic. Don’t try to catch or hit the scorpion, as it will become angry.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Scorpions 

It may not be as easy to get rid of scorpions in your house forever. However, there are a few methods that can be helpful in this situation. Some general tips can be found, for example, on Wikihow. First, try to use a special insect repellent spray, that you can put on various surfaces when you expect to see scorpions, for example, walls, windowsills or floors. You can do it also on the exterior side of your house – remember about places like the basement or garage. Another idea is to put special pesticide dust on the floors outside and inside the house. You can also fill in any cracks with it. By doing it you will be able to prevent scorpions from entering your house. The range of repellents available on the market is huge – try to search for them for example here. If you don’t want to use any chemicals, though, you can think of using a natural repellent – cinnamon. It is thought to be extremely unpleasant to scorpions as well. 

An equally good solution is to prepare special sticky traps for scorpions. They’re similar to those used for catching smaller insects, such as ants or spiders. Just set them out in the places where you expect to see the scorpions, for example in the yard, near the windows or doors or in any humid place in your house.

Last, and probably the easiest remedy for scorpions in the house is … buying a cat. Some cats hunt for scorpions, so it can be a natural and automatic repellent. The same goes for chickens, so if you have enough space and time to take care of them, you can try out this solution. If you don’t want to use any invasive methods, you can also consider changing the layout of your garden and, for example, cut out some trees that may be a tempting shelter for scorpions.

Scorpions can be dangerous, so their presence in the house should never be overlooked. Fortunately, the ways of getting rid of them are relatively easy. However, if the repellents or trap don’t seem to work, it’s best to consult a specialist who will assess the situation and suggest some further disinfection or application of strong repellents.


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