Cobra News: Old Excerpts

Cobra News
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* These Cobra news excerpts were written by Cobra Master John Klein back in the 90’s, as he founded and built it as one of the first Cobra-related websites. As said, it is a piece of Internet history, and should be treated as such.

Cobra News are “All the news no one else would print”

 Herpetology news: BIG news! The Venom-List Discussion Group has found a home here at the Cobra Information Site! This is a place where some of the world’s preeminent experts on venom research and toxicology will discuss issues related to envenomation, venom, poisons, toxicology, herpetology, taxonomy and CITES issues.

Herpetology News: I’ve updated the “Cobras Who’s Who”. Many of the world’s experts, whose wisdom you will experience on the Venom-List and it’s Discussion Group, are listed in the CWW. The CWW is also a place where you can find lay people with useful knowledge as well. Hot-keepers and breeders that have what scientists call “allegorical data” can be quite helpful if you are interested in husbandry or hobbyist matters.

HotKeeper Cobra news: Some interesting new legislation has been passed in a number of states with regard to the keeping of venomous reptiles. In response to a few incidents that have made the news over the last few years, legislators have tightened regulations dealing with who can keep venomous reptiles, where, and how. Much of the discussion has come as a result of international regulations. Don’t forget to check your local as well as state laws & regulations before purchasing any reptile. Stay tuned for more as I hear it.

HotKeeper Cobra news: Here’s another fine example of why just anyone shouldn’t keep venomous snakes. It always amazes me how surprised everyone seems to be when a deadly snake bites it’s keeper. That’s what snakes do… they bite. It’s their natural defense and feeding system. If you intend to keep venomous herps, be prepared to be bitten, and be prepared to save your life. Also, DO NOT keep venomous herps where it is not legal to do so… you may get bitten by the government instead.

“First Hand” account from a woman who was bitten by a northern Copperhead. Bites are both painful, and expensive!

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For further discussion on snakes, scientific classifications, venom research and much more, check the resources available in “The New Encyclopedia of Snakes”, available on

Click here to take a glimpse at 
“The New Encyclopedia of Snakes” 

[dropcap type=”1″]1[/dropcap]If you feel like a having a real Book on Snake Bites, then get this book:Snakes and Snakebite‘ by Visser, J. & Chapman D.S.

[dropcap type=”1″]2[/dropcap]And if you love African Hot snakes, this is THE Book for you:  ‘Dangerous Snakes of Africa’ by Spawls, S. and Branch, B.

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