Toy for Your Puppy

Dogs are social animals that need to live and play with other living things.

In an ideal world, in which there were no more obligations beyond having fun, dogs would be playing all day, either with other dogs or with people.

However, many people are not allowed to have more than one dog at home and, for countless reasons, dogs cannot always accompany us when we go out.

Playing at Childhood

In the childhood stage, puppies are vulnerable and are predisposed to suffer nervousness and insecurity. Boredom and abandonment are situations that we must avoid to allow adequate growth.

This is where the importance of toys comes in. So dogs don’t feel totally alone, toys keep them entertained. In the case of puppies, some toys such as stuffed animals, for example, are even company.

On the other hand, even when they play with a person, the toy enriches the game, making it much more fun and interesting.

Toy Options for You

Many of the toys that exist in the market today are very good options, because, apart from entertaining, they also stimulate the mind of the dog, either by its shape, its touch, its color or the way in which you have to play with them.

To make sure you get the best product for your puppy, check that the toy you buy is suitable for your dog’s breed.

Maybe the first few times your puppy does not give much attention to toys. Do not be discouraged, the trick is to insist and be patient. Each dog has its own rhythm and preferences. If a long time goes by without your dog paying attention to a toy, it may not be to your liking and you should change it.

How to choose the best toy for a puppy?

Choosing the right toy for your puppy is not an easy task. For this you have to take into account many factors.

First, you must know the way of being of the puppies. Your behavior and physical aptitudes.

For example, puppies do not have the same jaw strength as an adult dog. But, on the other hand, they are full of energy and love to bite everything. Exploring is your main activity.

Although puppies take everything for toys, you must make them understand what are the things they can play with and that they can bite, and what objects they should respect.

(If your puppy is determined to continue biting the sofa or the legs of the table, there are some effective ways to solve it. In the market there are sprays with unpleasant odors for them, you just have to spray them on the surface that you want them to no longer bite and your dog will not approach again).

Things You Should Follow

Therefore, to make your dog only play with his toys, you must choose attractive toys for him.

What makes it an interesting toy for a dog in the first place is its color and shape.

The retina of dogs begins to function properly after 6 weeks of life. Their visual perception is progressively improving, until 3 months, which is when they reach their definitive vision.

Although it is mistakenly thought that dogs are only able to see black and white, in reality, dogs can see colors. The difference between human and canine vision is that the color range that dogs perceive is much smaller. The only shades that dogs can differentiate are blue and yellow.

Therefore, the toys that you acquire for your dog are better than these colors, since your dog will distinguish them better.

Once the dog approaches the toy and begins to nibble on it, other characteristics such as sound, touch or hardness will be responsible for doing the rest of the work.

Make sure that the sound emitted by your pet’s toy is not too loud. Being a puppy, your senses are still very sensitive, so you could startle with anything.

Try to make them toys with a soft and fluffy touch. The puppies will thank you. Since they are somewhat clumsy with their movements, a toy with a hard texture (like hard plastic) could hurt them.

Try to buy toys that are not difficult to chew. If your puppy does not yet have teeth, or, if it is still with baby teeth, it may not control the bite and hurt itself with a toy that is not suitable for its characteristics.

Materials like Teddy, the plush, the latex, the silicone or soft rubber are safe materials, non – toxic, perfect for the first toys your puppy.

Before buying a toy you should also make sure that they do not contain removable pieces (plastic eyes on the stuffed animals), so you will prevent your puppy from breaking them and swallowing some piece without wanting to.

Final Words

The same goes for toys that are too small or worn and broken toys. Visit our guide on bad toys for dogs and find out.

If you suspect that your dog has swallowed a piece of toy, do not hesitate to go to the veterinarian, he will know how to advise you so that your puppy returns home safely and safely.

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