Reptilian Pets

Ordinarily, when we think of which companion we want to spend our domestic lives with, we usually think of furry friends. Dog? Cat? Even the feathered variety has popularity among some. However, the woefully overlooked pet is the reptilian.

Sure, they’re scaly. Sure, they won’t jump up and down when you walk through the door after a long day at work. But they can be just as adorable and rewarding as any other pet you might be considering.

Did you know reptiles are even sometimes used as emotional support animals? Through the ESA Registration of America thousands of lizards, snakes, and even turtles are signed as emotional support pets, proving you don’t have to be furry to be friendly.

But which reptile should you opt for if you’re looking for a more unconventional pet? Well, here’s our top three that would make your life a whole lot more interesting.

The Leopard Gecko

The first lizard on our list is none other than the leopard gecko. While many reptiles don’t score that many cute points when compared with dogs or cats, the leopard gecko really holds his own. Enormous eyes paired with a tongue that always seems to be hanging out in some capacity, this guy is downright adorable.

They’re also known for their stupendously friendly nature, and they are super low maintenance, which will be relieving to a variety of prospective owners who may be considering a reptile for the first time. They are nocturnal and much prefer to hide away during the day rather than being out in the open, so consider that when setting up their living conditions.

Oh, they can also live up to twenty years, so prepare for the long-haul!

The Classic Snake

The classic, quintessential reptilian pet. They don’t just make great accessories for Britney Spears music videos; they also make killer pets (not literally) that are pretty awesome to have in your home. It may come as a surprise, but snakes are actually very docile pets provided that they are treated with care. They just get a lot of bad press.

It is important to note, however, that snakes are primarily carnivores. Therefore, their eating habits might not suit all pet owners. Their diet largely consist of frozen rodents, which we can understand might give anyone pause for thought. Still, if that doesn’t bother you, they can make fantastic companions living and live up to 35 years depending on the species.

The Domestic Tortoise

For something a little less unnerving in appearance, we present to you the domestic tortoise. Tortoises are as docile as can be, and that’s not just because of their naturally passive disposition; they’re also notoriously slow. You don’t need to worry about any sudden volatile behavior from these animals.

Not to be confused with the water-based turtle, tortoises are land orientated. They are also entirely herbivore, so if your stomach turned at the thought of feeding your scaly friend any frozen rodents fear not, tortoises really aren’t into it either. In addition, unlike the leopard gecko, they love to be active during the day and can provide hours of entertainment as they soak up the rays. Humidity is their best friend, so make sure their living conditions are warm and damp! 

The Bottom Line

Whichever pet you decide on, make sure you do thorough research before bringing them home. Pets are big commitments, they aren’t commodities, and they deserve to be treated well. In return, they’ll provide you with years of comfort and enjoyment. Many, many years if you go with the tortoise (almost fifty!).


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