Leopard Gecko
Having Lunch: The Leopard Gecko. Photo by Cathy Keifer

The amazing Leopard gecko is one of the earliest domesticated lizards. By many accounts, it was the first species of lizard that was petted. When you wonder if you want a gecko pet, you will come across a pertinent question, do you really want a leopard gecko pet?

The question is obvious since reptiles are still not the most common choice for a pet. It is fourth in the order of preference, after canines, felines and birds. But to answer the question, one has to quote Matt Damon in ‘We Bought A Zoo’ – why not? There is really no reason why you cannot have or want a gecko pet.

Leopard geckos are small, they are quite sturdy and they need very little maintenance or care. Naturally, they are the best choice for domestication. If you are fine with the idea of having a reptile as your pet, then a leopard gecko pet is the safest choice.

The primary reason why a gecko pet is a good choice is because it is manageable but beyond that it is actually the matter of safety. Most leopard geckos today have been bred in captivity. None of them have been captured in the wild. The species actually breeds well in captivity and that has allowed the luxury to keep them safe and to contain their wilder instincts. Besides, the spree of breeding in captivity has allowed for numerous variations in the species itself.

Check out this great video by AnimalBytes TV:

Today, there are albino geckos, pattern-less leopard geckos, blizzard, tangerine, hypomelanistic, jungle, giant and snow geckos. In other words, you can have a unique gecko pet that none of your friends have.

Having a gecko pet doesn’t have many challenges. All you need is a bit of awareness as to how you should make its home and how you should attend to its needs. You have to setup a tank, arrange for the heat, make its living space interesting with some rocks and certain features that make it look like the wilds and you have to buy the gecko from a reputed company or agent wherefrom you will not get some other species or a captured gecko. It is best to go with a leopard gecko that has been bred and raised in captivity.

When you buy a gecko pet, you will get all the information or advice you need as to how you should make its home and what you should be doing for the welfare of your pet.

For more information about the Leopard Gecko you can check out this resource.

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