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The Internet has radically improved the way we live, how we interact with one another, and so much more. But it hasn’t only improved our lives. The lives of our beloved pets have also improved. There are brilliant animal health apps, special tracking apps, IoT-based pet toys, and so much more.  

You can say that the future of pets belongs to those with owners who follow the latest advancements of technology and understand how it can help them take care of their pet in a better way. However, it all starts with your internet connection. If you have a seamless internet connection like one of the plans on Spectrum internet, you’ll be able to enjoy all your pet-related apps and devices. So what’s out there? Let’s delve into it.

The Latest Pet Tech and Internet Tools for Your Dog and Cat

The first and most important issue for pet owners is Health, of course. We all know (and some of us use) health tracking apps for humans, like Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch. However, the health tracking industry has also been booming in the Pet world

It probably started with online vet services, which are not just efficient but also a great way to save you some money and time. Most of these online vet services are much cheaper than going to an in-person vet appointment (sure – you pay for the real-estate rent!). Plus, most online vet services accept pet insurance

But it’s not just about the time and money saved. Many of these online vet services are available 24/7, and are especially useful for those novice pet owners looking to just ask a few questions. More and more online vet services are slowly offering more in-depth check ups, but they’re definitely the best option for the times you need to diagnose a common dog illness.  

So what are the health issues that an online Vet can help you with?

  • He’ll be able to tell you if your pet has an ailment that can be easily treated, or if you need to go to an emergency vet.
  • He’ll be able to help you with stomach issues of your pet.
  • He’ll be able to help with skin issues of your pet.
  • He’ll be able to refill routine prescriptions for your pet.
  • He’ll be able to answer all common behavioral issues with your pet.
  • He’ll be able to advise novice pet owners about which breed of dog or cat you should get.
  • And more…

Beyond the enormous help it provides for taking care of the health of our pets – there are more benefits to our pets, courtesy of the internet.

Pet Tech Tools and Online Services

The online pet tech industry is growing rapidly from year to year. It includes a few key sectors aside from the health tools mentioned above. These include the Home Monitoring devices (Video apps and services) that help you monitor your pet from wherever you are, the Automated Toys sector (which are basically toys that play and sometimes even feed your pet when you’re away), and then there’s the Online Marketplaces for Pet products (which is HUGE!). Another aspect is how the Pet world is evolving together with the tech world. Nowadays lots of Pet shops also accept payments with cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin; so for example in ethereum’s price an average online purchase for your dog can cost 0,030 ETH = 100$. 

Monitoring Apps For Pets

The most basic form of this tech tool – is simply a webcam, which can help you check up on your pet, from the coziness of your phone. However, there are much more advanced apps for pets these days.

If you’re a dog owner, there are sophisticated tools like the Furbo Dog Camera. This tool set has a microphone and speaker – so you can talk to your dog. It has a bark detector that will automatically turn on the camera. There’s an app-enabled treat dispenser, and you can also get notifications of your dog’s behaviour. 

Techy Toys For Pets

If you’re searching for a fun toy for your dog – why not try an automatic ball launcher for your dog? This cool toy works best with standard tennis balls, and launches the balls to distances between 8 to 30 feet (you have 9 different distance settings and 6 angle settings). You can also set up rest intervals every 15 minutes, and more. Won’t your dog love this? 

If you have a cat, why not get it an interactive motion-activated butterfly toy? This butterfly toy will rotate only when the cat approaches it (which will save on power). It can rotate in 360 degrees, which makes it much more fun for your cat to chase and play, especially when you’re away. 

Wrapping Up

Technology and the internet include powerful tools that can also be used to help take care of your beloved pets. It can make your life easier, and your pets’ lives much much better.

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