The King Cobra Habitat – Where Will You Find Him?

Learn about where Cobras are located, and a bit about the Cobra's Anatomy

World Map
World Map by Andrey Kuzmin

The King Cobra can be found across the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, as well as the southern areas of East Asia, and in islands such as Java and Borneo. The King Cobra Habitat mainly includes the plains and dense rain-forests of Southern China, India and Southeast Asia. The King Cobra can be found either on land, up in the trees, in bamboo thickets or even in the water. The King is a great climber and an excellent swimmer, and its preferred spots are areas with lakes, streams or near swamps. The King Cobra habitat can also include fields or agricultural areas.

King Cobra
Map showing the range of King Cobra

The King is extremely adaptable, but will prefer dwelling in thick forests. This allows him to easily hide, thanks to his olive-green colors. The King Cobra will usually stay in areas that are calm and peaceful, also near bodies of water. You better not roam Asian forests which are known to inhabit King Cobras, without the proper protection. Reduce the risks of encounters with a King by walking or hiking on main roads and paths.

Sadly, in recent years, tree logging, deforestation and urban expansion in these booming asian economies, is slowly destroying forests. The King Cobra habitat is diminishing from year to year, and its population has dropped dramatically.

In India, King Cobras have been placed under the Wildlife Protection Act. If a person is found guilty of killing a King Cobra, he can be imprisoned for up to 6 years. The King is also listed as an Appendix II Animal within the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Faune and Flora (CITES). 


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