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9 Amazing Turtle Facts

pig turtles swimming
Turtles are amazing, period. Just to watch them move awkwardly and slow, popping up their cute wrinkled head out of their massive shells, and suddenly...

What Happens If You Kiss a Venomous Snake?

venomous snake
On April 18th, 18-year-old Austin Hatfield from Wimauma (Florida) found out the hard way that it’s important to know how and if to kiss...

Snake Handling Equipment: HOTS 101 Part 2

Keeping venomous snakes
By Allen Hunter Hello friends of the fanged ones, welcome to Pt.2 of Hots 101. This time I'll explain some of the tools and snake...


Cobra Sports Car

Cobra Sports Car: The Buyers Guide

 Are you sure you are up to a Cobra car? Before I delve into the tips and tricks of buying Cobra car – let...