Rescuing a Spectacled Cobra


Last week, near the city of Vasanthpura, Bangalore, India, a young Spectacled Cobra fell into a 20-ft deep. It was stuck there for over 160 hours, fighting for its life…

Alarmed citizens in the neighborhood could see the poor snake struggling to get out. They all thought it would eventually succeed the task of climbing out by its own, but the hours passed and it didn’t. The citizens kept an eye on the well, and on the snake, and after several days they noticed the Spectacled Cobra was still stuck. The mighty snake was fighting the steep terrain, trying to survive, but it was losing strength and needed outside help.

Eventually, one good-hearted citizen decided to call up the snake experts at ‘People for Animals’, and asked them to come quick to rescue the young cobra. Soon after, two Indian snake catchers by the names of Lakshith and Harish arrived to the spot. Their mission: Rescue the juvenile Spectacled Cobra by all means. Like in every mission of a Snake Catcher, Lakshith and Harish came well prepared with all the basic equipment: Hand and head torch, snake hooks, leather boots and of course a snake bag.

The brave snake catchers climbed down the old well, and despite the challenges, they reached the young Spectacled Cobra, who was already weak and hungry. Juevenile cobras are usually regarded as even more dangerous than then adult cobras. The reason is mainly because they are unpredictable and use their instincts, while having the same deadly venom as adult cobras. However, this young spectacled cobra didn’t even have the strength to hiss. The snake catchers brought him up, alive and safe.

The young cobra is now at the hands of ‘People for Animals’, where its being taken care of – until it is strong enough to be released back to nature.

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