Spitting Cobra Bites a 10-month old Baby

spitting cobra
Mozambique spitting cobra by Willem Frost
According to South African IOL News, a 10-year old foster child was bitten this last wednesday by a ferocious Mozambique Spitting Cobra.

The foster child who lives with a couple in the city of Rustenburg in North West South Africa, is currently at the hospital, and according to doctors – he is breathing on his own.

His foster mother was terrified as she heard him scream in the early morning. When she arrived to the baby’s room, she found a Mozambique Spitting Cobra on the carpet.

It is believed that the deadly snake somehow managed to reach the roof of the house, and then fell into the baby’s bed. The poor child had no chance to defend himself.

The Mozambique spitting cobra, also known as Naja mossambica, is the most common cobra species of the savanna regions of the tropical and subtropical Africa. It is regarded as one of the deadliest snakes in Africa, who can very accurately spit its venom. The Spitting Cobra’s bite can cause local tissue destruction, and when it hits your eyes – it can even make you blind.

The Mozambique Spitting Cobra will usually hunt and eat various types of amphibians, as well as birds, eggs, small mammals, and like every cobra – also other snakes.

The problem with this Spitting cobra is it’s temper, which probably triggered his reaction to bite the poor 10-month old baby. This cobra is extremely nervous and highly strung. Whenever he feels in danger, he will rear up almost two-thirds of its body, spread his hood and prepare for “shooting” out his most powerful weapon. He will usually spit his venom from a reared-up position, and reach distances of up to 3 meters (10 feet). However, despite its name – this cobra doesn’t only spit. Depending on the situation, the Spitting Cobra will also bite his victim, without hesitation. When he’s confronted in close and enclosed areas, like the bed of a baby – the cobra will most likely bite his victim.

Watch this nice video depicting the “rescue” of a Mozambique Spitting Cobra. This snake had lost her way into one of Thanda store rooms. Someone spotted it disappearing behind a cabinet in the room.

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