Elite Alabai
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Searching for useful info about the Elite Alabai? You’ve reached the right place. You may be looking for a specific breed that has lived well inside the homes of many families for several decades. If this is the case, you should not look any further than the Central Asian shepherd dog. These are usually described as self-confident, courageous, and independent with a weight of up to 110 pounds.

Fortunately, today, you can find these breeds in various marketplaces. These canines are also known as the Elite Alabai, and many legitimate breeders can help you get domesticated and vaccinated puppies. Just be sure to read reviews first and ask questions before deciding to purchase the canines to ensure that you are buying from legit sellers.

Elite Alabai Basics

These canines have lived alongside many humans for centuries. Their domestication has been longer than any other type globally, and they live to the hype. Know that man did not create them, but they originate because of the changes in circumstances and climates.

They have powerfully built legs that are toned, muscular and well-boned. Their backs are described as powerful and broad with larger heads. The abundance of dewlaps and a powerful neck is what completes the Central Asian Shepherd Dog’s look, and they usually come with short coats. The colors range from fawn, brindle, black, and white.

One of the unique characteristics that set them apart from others is they have various breed types. The temperament can be dependent on which breed line they came from. In simple terms, there are multiple types of Central Asian Shepherd Dogs out there, even if they look similar to each other. You can read more info about them when you visit on Wikipedia. They can have different styles of fighting and herding, and their instincts were based on the sole purpose of what they were bred for.


About Its Nutrition

If you want to feed your pet with formula, make sure that it will cater to his digestive needs, and it should be according to whichever phase of life he is in now. Many of the companies prepare specific formulas like extra-large, large, medium, and small.

The feedings are often an individual choice, and you should work with your vet about the diet and meal frequency that’s suitable for the lifestyle of your canine. The diet should increase as your puppy grows into an adult to increase its chances for longevity. You should prepare fresh and clean water all the time as well inside your home.

Grooming an Elite Alabai

They require little grooming because they already have underdeveloped undercoats. However, you may notice that they undergo once-a-year shedding that’s called a fur storm. Beyond this intermittent need to groom, bathing them occasionally will keep them fresh and clean and looking at their best. 

The grooming process will be a bonding experience that you and your pet may enjoy. It’s important to trim their nails with clippers regularly to avoid cracks, splits, and overgrowths. The ears should be checked to remove debris and earwax that can cause infection. Brushing of the teeth regularly is a must as well.

Check out this video to learn more:

Exercise to Know

These pets are suitable if you have larger yards where they can do their daily walks. They are designed to have an exercise routine with at least one member of the family every day. Know that these are independent and intelligent breeds, and you need to contain them when exercising. Fenced yards are ideal to ensure that they won’t escape when things on the other side of the fence have caught their interest. 

Training an Elite Alabai

These canines are extremely intelligent and independent, and they can prove challenging to train. However, know that it’s still possible to teach them. They are primarily active when outdoors but have small wanderlust potential. They are also not driven by prey. Read more about training here: https://www.thesprucepets.com/steps-to-train-your-dog-1118273.  

A Final Word

These canines are not an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies. However, know that they are easy to groom and only need brushing at least once a week. They have lots of endurance and have high energy. An hour of exercise each day can be good for them. When walking, they tend to get along with other dogs and cats, but if predators approach, they tend to be territorial and are not afraid to back down. They also roam to ensure that their properties are free from predators and critters.

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