Keep Your Home Safe From Snakes

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how deadly snake bites are. A single bite from a venomous snake can produce an array of symptoms that can include pain and swelling, nausea, convulsions, paralysis, and even death. This is one of the reasons why, as a homeowner, you should look for ways to keep your home safe from any kind of snakes.

Aside from using the best snake repellent, you should exert time and effort to keep snakes away from your home. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Regularly Maintain Your Yard

There are a lot of benefits when you have a yard in your property. A yard allows you to convert an empty space to a functional area and encourage everyone in the family to engage in outdoor activities. This area can also increase the curb appeal and value of your property. And while having a yard can be a smart investment to most homeowners, keeping one that is poorly-maintained can put your family’s life at risk as this can become a breeding ground for snakes.

Make sure that this doesn’t happen by regularly maintaining your yard. The following tips might be helpful during this process:

  • Take the time to pull weeds, excess vegetation, and other piles of debris from your yard. If you can’t do this on your own, scout for professionals who can do the job for you.
  • Depending on the size of your yard, you should mow this area once every two weeks. This practice will not only keep snakes away, but it can also control mice, rodents, and other pests from damaging your property.

2. Eliminate Their Food Supply

Just like human beings, snakes have to be well-fed in order to live. If you want to live in a snake-free home, start by eliminating their food supply. Snakes will look for another environment or habitat once they see that your home doesn’t have any insects and rodents living in it. To achieve this goal, buy a pest repellent or make one on your own. The internet can be a goldmine of information for DIY repellants. Regardless of the route you’re planning to take, make sure that these repellents are used in areas where rodents are commonly seen.

You should also avoid using nest boxes, bird seeds, and baths as these can attract pests and rodents to your home. If there are trees in your yard, make sure that any nuts or fruits are cleaned and don’t remain on the ground for a long period.

If you’re planning to compost within your property, store it in a sealed container to keep snakes away. You want this compost to improve the quality of your soil and plants, not become a bait for snakes to live and multiply in your home.

3. Inspect For Crevices Around Your Home And Make Sure To Seal These Properly

Crevices serve as the entryways of snakes into your home. Even if you have a small crack on the wall, snakes can chew on the material and make the hole bigger. Once this happens, it’ll be easier for snakes to enter your home, damage your property, and even harm your family.

To steer away from this direction, walk through your home and check if there are any crevices. If you see any, properly seal all of these openings from both in and outside of the house. You can do this by patching all the crevices with caulk. You should also do the same for any gaps in your door frames and around the windows.

4. Consider Getting A Pet

Different people have different reasons for getting a pet. While some do this for companionship, others get pets in order to teach their kids to be responsible. But aside from these, are you aware that some domestic pets are snake deterrents? Chickens, ducks, and geese will naturally hunt snakes in your property and eliminate them. Furry friends, such as cats and dogs, can also do the same.

Consistency Is Key

You can only keep snakes out of your property if you’re consistent with your efforts. Implementing different practices for a couple of days won’t guarantee positive results. The efforts of keeping your home safe from snakes should be observed all the time, to the point where these become second nature to all of your family members.

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