Snake Poem by an 8 year old: Animals, Animals

snake poem
Animals, Animals

Snake Poem: Animals, Animals – By Alex Cornelius

Animals, Animals are so kind,

Some can even slither,

It lives on land,

Some have two legs,

Some have four,

Some have none at all.


Animals, Animals are so good,

They can slither or run around.

Sometimes it spits and sometimes not,


The fastest animal of them all,

Is the Cheetah,

But it lives on land of course.


My favorite animal is the snake,

Because it’s smooth and wet.

And sheds its skin,

And some eat lots of eggs.


Animals, Animals are so great,

The worst one is King Cobra,

It has very sharp fangs.

Most people are scared of it,

But not me, I quite like it!

    • This wonderful snake poem was sent to us by Alex – aged 8.
    • Copyright : Alex Cornelius ’96
    • Alex Cornelius can be e-mailed at [email protected]

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