Types of Cobras: The Secret List

Cobra Taxonomy
Cobra Taxonomy Chart
Cobra scientific classifications

There are dozens of types of cobras around the world, from the Indian Spectacled Cobra, Chinese Cobra, or the Philippine Cobra in Asia, and up to the African species like the Egyptian Cobra, the Cape Cobra or the Black Spitting Cobra. We bring you a detailed list of Asiatic and African cobra species:

Asiatic Types of Cobras: (Wüster)

Types of Cobras
Cobra Taxonomy Chart. Click to enlarge!

This table was copied from the article “Taxonomic changes and toxinology: Systematic revisions of the Asiatic cobras (Naja naja species complex)” by Dr. Wolfgang Wüster.

African Types of Cobras:

Types of Cobras
African Cobras. Click to enlarge!



W, Wuster (1996) Taxonomic changes and toxinology: Systematic revisions of the Asiatic cobras (Naja naja species complex) Toxicon, 34(4),: 399-406

Branch, B. & Spawls, S.(1995) The Dangerous Snakes of Africa: Natural History, Species Directory, Venoms & Snakebite Ralph Curtis Publications

Broadley, D.G. (1995) The snouted cobra, Naja annulifera, a valid species in southern Africa. J. Herp. Assoc. Africa 44(2): 26-32.

Other Classification Methods:

Classification of venomous snakes (Linnaeus)

– class: reptilia

– order: squamata

– sub order: serpentes

– infra order: caenophidea

– family: elapidae

– sub fam: elapinae

– sub fam: hydrophiinae

– sub fam: laticaudinae

Classification based upon positioning and shape of the teeth (Rosenberg)

– Proteroglyphs: Anterior maxillary teeth are deeply grooved, usually with the edges fused to enclose a canal. They are enlarged and there are usually smaller teeth behind the fangs, up to about eight in number. Sometimes they too are grooved.

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