Keeping Reptiles: Can You Keep Cobras?

Snake Charmers
Snake Charmers in India by Particlem. File:, CC License:

Keeping reptiles is a challenging task, but rewarding as well. For those readers wondering, here’s a little more info on my two friends:

Cleo, the African Spitting Cobra, died after three years from an untreatable infection brought about by complications from surgery received before she was in my care. I have since learned that this sub-species is known as the Red Spitter (Naja pallida…thanks Graeme).

I knew nothing about cobras when I obtained this creature, so it was a trial-by fire learning experience that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. This convinced me that only experienced herpers should attempt to keep cobras. Keeping reptiles has little to do with Cobras…

keeping reptiles
John Klein’s King Cobra. Click to enlarge!

After 5 years, Kachsa Khan and I parted company when he reached 12’4″, and I was no longer capable of handling him. I donated him to one of the world’s largest, most respected snake zoos, where he lives to this day. They got a kick out of the fact that he would respond to his nickname, Monty, which I gave him as a joke so people wouldn’t pre-judge my “pet” before meeting him. They had to build a special viewing area for him, to protect the public. From what I have heard, he has never attacked any of his handlers, is relatively well mannered for a King Cobra, and remains one of their premier attractions.

Neither of my snakes ever bit anyone other than myself. That notwithstanding, I do not advocate the keeping of venomous herps of any kind without the proper training and facilities. The “Junglesphere” I refer to was a professionally designed terra-environment that was guaranteed escape-proof, and was always kept locked. Kachsa was only removed form from this safe-haven when I was positive of external security, and then only for milking or examination.

Keeping Reptiles is not Keeping Cobras

Anyone that thinks they can own a cobra is a fool. You can keep a cobra, but no one owns one. If you are thinking it would be “neat” to have a cobra, think twice. They are one of the least tenable species of pets in the world…they make a noise like a tornado, they are aggressive, temperamental, finicky eaters, fairly expensive to maintain (just *try* taking your cobra to the local vet for a checkup…hehehe), and most of all, very deadly if not venomoid.

All things considered, if you do want to be keeping reptiles, get a constricting snake, or a King Snake if you want action. Keep in mind that there are legal considerations with venomous snakes as well. The turmoil caused by the escaped cobra in Stonham, Mass. is a fine example of what can happen to careless handlers.

For more fast facts about Cobras click here.

The Cobra has definitely become the most revered Snake on the planet. It’s become a powerful Brand by itself. A unique brand that portrays fear, awe and strength. It is used by dozens of corporations and organizations, from sport cars, golf clubs, insurance companies and up to the British National Emergencies Committee, called COBRA. There are also hundreds of products that take on the ‘Cobra’ brand, without being afraid.

Cool Cobra Stuff…

We’ve collected for you some of the most unique Cobra products, from the snake’s replicas, Cobra Apparel, Gadget design, Jewelery and even some beautiful walking sticks. Let us know what you think, and if you know of any other cool cobra stuff – please let us know!

We begin with the most basic of all. The things we wear…

Cobra Apparel

Cool clothing apparel such as t-shirts, jackets, vests and costumes are immensely popular among the young and old. We are all seeking for unique items to wear. Items that embody awe-inspiring powers of Cobra. The T-shirts made by Mountain Men and Wellcoda definitely complete that task. The cool Cobra Jacket and Cobra Vest are a great accessory for any bike rider, and the cute Cobra Costume is perfect for snake-loving kids.

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Cobra Replicas

These stunning Cobra replicas and figurines bring the cobra fantasy and legend into life. There are Cobras made of rubber, stone resin, wood and even a bronzed Cobra. Some are used as great scary pranks in halloween, while others are used as statues of the most amazing snake in the world.

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Cobra Gadget Design

Since the computer revolution started, cases for smartphones, pads or laptops have been growing in popularity for years. It was perfectly natural that snake lovers would find their favorite creatures on these cases as well. There are cases for the iPhone, iPad and Samsung devices…

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Cobra Jewelery

The incredible admiration to the Cobra and it’s mystique powers began thousands of years ago, when people used to decorate their bodies with Cobra designed Jewelry. They believed that wearing cobra artifacts would provide them with the snake’s powers. Today, people are still searching for these same powers. We can find different sorts of Cobra Jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants. Take a look…

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And least but not last, there are also dozens of Cobra products for the old among us, such as these beautiful Cobra Walking sticks…

For deeper discussion on snakes, scientific classifications, venom research and much more, check the resources available in “The New Encyclopedia of Snakes”, available on

Click here to take a glimpse at 
“The New Encyclopedia of Snakes” 


If you feel like a having a real Book on Snake Bites, then get this book:Snakes and Snakebite‘ by Visser, J. & Chapman D.S.

And if you love African Hot snakes, this is THE Book for you:  ‘Dangerous Snakes of Africa’ by Spawls, S. and Branch, B.


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