On last Monday’s “Tonight Show”, host Jimmy Fallon got pranked pretty badly, with a great Cobra snake prank!

Fallon was hosting animal expert Jeff Musial (more about this amazing guy below), who first brought some terrifying Mexican tarantulas, which already scared Fallon immensely. The huge spiders crawled on his head until Fallon practically collapsed on the floor. After that, seconds before the Snake Prank, you could hear Fallon ask Musial not to scare him again.

However, Musial then brought a snake basket and put it on Fallon’s desk. Musial told him there was a venomous Cobra inside, and gave Fallon a tiny hook and a flute, so the host could charm the snake. When the “snake” (which was of course a rubber snake prank replica) wasn’t moving, Musial asked Fallon to tap on the side of the basket with the hook, encouraging the scared host to get closer and closer to the basket. Fallon was edging slowly closer and closer, until Musial brilliantly detonated the rubber snake prank!

Fallon jumped almost up to the ceiling, terrified by the fake snake encounter, he still smiled, like always…Don’t miss this great snake prank! Watch now!

About Jeff Musial

Jeff Musial has certainly made a name for himself in the world of wild animals. He started out working in a pet shop, and in the last few years he’s been showing on national television, and more. He’s definitely not only great at snake pranks, Jeff is an amazing educator about all sorts of wild animal species.

Jeff’s love for animals started when he was a kid, catching garter snakes and frogs in his backyard. He was always with animals, studied zoology in college, and then in 1999 he started his own business, Nickel City Reptiles and Exotics.

Since then, he’s been captivating people of all ages, using an amazing blend of education and entertainment. Check his official website here.

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