The Best Ways to Incorporate a Snake Into Your Family
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As a result of their untamed nature, snakes respond to stress and danger by engaging in behaviors such as seeking food, seeking warmth, and finding safe-havens.

Because of this, it’s crucial to realize that bonding with a snake is fundamentally different than bonding with a domesticated animal like a cat or dog. Here are some interesting takes on this topic on Quora.

Even though snakes can recognize their owners, they now regard them as a part of their surroundings rather than a separate entity.

In order to develop a relationship with a snake, you must approach it from a different perspective; rather than looking for affection, you must create a relationship with a snake in a way that is more in line with its unique personality and traits.

Prove That You Are Trustworthy

To develop a connection with your snake, you must first prove to them that you are a trustworthy individual. Due to their natural instinct to defend themselves when threatened, snakes occasionally bite humans. (here’s our great snake bite first aid)

It’s better if a snake has a favorable relationship with you in order for it to feel at ease around you. In other words, you should only handle the snake if it appears to be relaxed and welcoming of your attention and handling.

It is important to spend time with your new pet snake so it can become used to your scent, but don’t be rushed to handle it, as it needs some time to learn that you aren’t a danger.

You may help your snake grow used to you by moving the materials in their enclosure on a daily basis and spending time near the enclosure so they can pick up your scent and become acquainted with you in your home. Despite the fact that you may be keeping them as a pet, they still consider this to be their natural habitat.

Create An Enriching Environment

Observing your snake and building a home that you both appreciate, much like with a pet fish, can provide some delight and opportunities for bonding. You can nourish your snake’s life by giving it wide branches, stuff to dangle from and wrap around or spots to stay hidden.

In order to see your snake’s reaction to a new thing, you must expose it to it on a regular basis.

These moments of engagement with your snake will help you build a strong link with your pet if you allow it to roam freely for a few minutes at a time.

Hold Your Snake Regularly

When handling your snake, it’s critical that you establish safe and confident handling as soon as possible.

One of the finest methods to build a relationship with your snake is to handle him or her on a daily basis. It’s important to remember that handling merely provides warmth to a snake, not an indicator that it appreciates human contact per se.

Make Sure Your Snake Is Getting Fed By You And Your Family Members 

For your snake, being the one who consistently provides it with food can help them link your scent with eating, which is an excellent method to show the snake that you’re not a threat while they are around you.

Predator or prey is how snakes visualize the world and, as humans are substantially larger than snakes, snakes see us as prey at first, even if we aren’t.

As a result, it is critical that your snake recognizes you as a source of food in order to form a strong attachment with you.

Release It From Its Enclosure

You can also bond with your snake by letting it out of its enclosure for a brief period of time each day if you have a secure, enclosed, and calm environment.

You’ll form a fundamental bond with your snake by watching it explore its surroundings in search for warmth or a hiding place. A snake may approach its owner in search of warmth, especially if it identifies the human scent as familiar and comforting. This is not unusual.

You can spend quality time with your snake outside of its habitat by observing it as it interacts with its surroundings and allow it to travel freely in a safe area.

Having a snake on the loose in your home would not be a fun way to spend time with your family. Speaking of which, be sure to visit BetterHelp to learn more about the importance of family bonding.

Finally, here’s a video with some more useful tips when bringing a new snake back home:


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