Is This The Fastest Snake In The World?


When it comes to speed, there will always several contenders and various opinions, but in the case of the Fastest Snake in the world, most experts agree. It’s the notorious Black Mamba. Known as the longest venomous snake in Africa and the second-longest venomous snake on the planet, this deadly snake also holds the Speed Title under his belt. Regarded as the fastest snake in the world, it can move at 17.6 feet (5.4 meters) per second and reach amazing speeds of 12 mph (19 KmH)!

This graceful snake can move extremely fast and with astounding agility. However, it can only maintain these high speeds for short distances, and there’s little truth in stories of Black Mambas moving faster than a galloping horse. In many cases when Black Mambas are sighted, their elongated slender body will sometimes creates the impression that it is moving much faster than it really is.

However, the Black Mamba is not only the fastest snake in terms of moving, it is also regarded as one of the fastest striking snakes in the world. This secretive snake will usually avoid danger whenever it can, and when confronted, the Black Mamba will sometimes spread its neck-flap like a Cobra, and expose its terrifying black mouth. However, further enticement by any enemy whatsoever will lead to a series of super-fast and deadly strikes. Thanks to its size, the Black Mamba can raise its head well above ground and might throw a big portion of its body upwards. This provides the snake with a great attacking range, even reaching a standing man’s chest.

fastest snake
Black Mamba. Photo by cd123

Many scientists believe the Black Mamba possesses the most highly evolved venom delivery apparatus in the world, regarded as one of the fast-acting venoms among venomous snakes. Experiments showed how its venom could kill a mouse in only 4.5 minutes. There are also two known cases of Black Mambas killing people in less than 20 minutes!

There’s no wonder why the Black Mamba is regarded as the most feared snake in Africa, where its bite is known as the “Kiss of death”.  The Black Mamba’s extraordinary speed, combined with its fast-striking venom, makes it one of the world’s most deadly snakes.  If you ever happen to take pictures of this snake, make sure to enhance them by using the animals photo editor since you might need to raise the sharpness of the image.

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