Catching a Taipan Snake


The Taipan Snake is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. The Australian Venom Research Unit even ranks it as the world’s most venomous. Its venom is fifty times more toxic and thus deadlier than that of the Indian cobra, and one single drop of it can kill 100 men. If you are a snake enthusiast, then you may know that a bite of the Indian cobra can be fatal and then you should imagine what a bite of the Taipan can do to you. Considering that, do you really wish to try catching a Taipan snake?

If you do wish to go ahead with your plan of catching a Taipan snake, then you have some good news as well. Despite its venom and its two to three meters length, the snake is a recluse. It may lurch around but it usually doesn’t bite. It is not an aggressive predator when it comes to humans. A Taipan is likely to remain in its own world and not bother you much, unless you meddle with it, or try to catch it!

Almost all cases of Taipan bites have been reported amongst herpetologists or those who tried to catch it or hold it up. In 2012, a 57-year-old Australian who was working in dense bushland near Yeppoon, 430 miles north of Brisbane, died from a Taipan bite. However, in other cases of Taipan bites – the timely administration of the anti-venom had saved all who had been reportedly bitten by a Taipan snake, including a twelve year old boy in Australia who had incidentally caught one and held it around his neck and was heading to his granddad’s house to show the snake. The boy had also chopped off the head of the snake after being bitten.

Taipan Snake
The Taipan Snake: Is this No. 1? Photo: Matthijs Kuipers
Here’s a brief guide to catching a Taipan snake.
  • First, you have to be in the region where Taipans thrive. That would be central or eastern Australia. The state of Queensland and its inland regions are a good place to start with. You may also hit the suburban Brisbane areas or a little up northward along the coast. There are two types of Taipans, inland Taipan and coastal Taipan. You will find both the variants in this region.
  • You need a strategy for catching a Taipan snake. The easiest is to lay a trap after spotting a Taipan. The trap could be the traditional nets or you could contaminate its food, thus drugging the snake when it eats its prey and then you can easily catch it and take it into captivity. But beware of the rigid laws in Australia that prevent you from meddling with species that are endangered and are at the brink of extinction. A Taipan usually eats lizards, rats and bandicoots. You can use these small animals and contaminate them with some drug that would render the Taipan unconscious after its meal. Control the dosage of the drug or poison so you don’t kill the Taipan in the process of catching it.
  • Last but not least – we urge you not to do all of the above. Do NOT attempt to catch a Taipan Snake. It’s dangerous for you, and for the amazing Taipan.

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