Amazing: Chinese Cobra with Two Heads


A few days ago, on a quiet farm in southern China, a snake breeder by the name of Mr. Huang – discovered the most amazing baby Chinese Cobra you have ever seen. It’s something you’d expect to see on a mutant TV show or in a movie like X-Men, but this is for real. Mr. Huang discovered a Chinese Cobra with two heads! And the two heads are even fighting with each other, moving in opposite directions and even trying to swallow each other!

Similarly to siamese twins, both heads of this baby Chinese Cobra have two separate brains, what allows them to move independently. These types of mutant snakes usually do not survive for long. However, according to the latest update from China – the baby Chinese Cobra is still alive and growing and even changed its skin once, but – neither of the two heads have been eating or drinking.

The mind-boggling mutant Cobra, whose second head begins approximately three quarters up the snake’s body, has been handed over several days ago to the care of experts at the Nanning Zoo in Guanxi, China. Their mission is to make sure the venomous two-headed Chinese Cobra survives and lives longer. However, it’s quite a long shot, and as one of the zookeepers at Nanning Zoo already told the press, “there was no way of telling whether the Chinese cobra will survive”.

Watch a news-recap of the story:

The condition of having two heads, or more, is called Polycephaly, and is actually quite common among snakes. There are quite a lot of occurrences of multi-headed animals, both in reality and of course in mythology. For example, in Heraldry and Vexillology, the double-headed eagle is a revered symbol, although no such animal has ever known to existed.

When it comes to snakes, most polycephalic snakes tend to have a short lifespan of a few months, although there is a report of a two-headed Rat-snake that has lived for 20 years.

Let us hope and pray that the baby Chinese cobra gets at least the same…

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