Get Rid of Snakes

Of all the wild animals, snakes are usually among the most feared ones. This is simply because of their aggressive nature and the damage they can cause when they attack. We all know that snakes are quite dangerous animals and we’ve seen what they are capable of on several occasions launching vicious attacks on both humans and other animals.

During the cold seasons, these creatures will often be looking for warm places and your house can provide a very good hiding place for them. Snakes will also enter your house if you provide shelter for rodents since they are known to be snake’s delicacy.

If you are tired of reptiles entering your home and are looking for ways in which you can prevent them from entering your property, you should consider trying some of these simple home remedies to help you out. See this for more information.

  • Clove oil and cinnamon oil

Instead of using any fancy methods, you can simply use homemade snake repellents. I mean, if you can make your own repellents there’s really no need to spend much money trying to find an effective repellent, right?

Anyway, if you are looking to keep away the reptiles from your home, you can use Clove oil and cinnamon oil as they can make very good snake repellents. These products have been reported by the wildlife to have great effects when it comes to keeping the snakes away from your home.

However, when you will be spraying the oil, you should be much careful since you are not supposed to spray the oil directly to the snake. This is quite dangerous as the snake might shift in your direction and launch an attack towards you.

You can also use both the Clove and cinnamon oil as fumigators. You only need to pour some oil on a piece of cloth and then use a paint stripper gun to volatize it with some heated air. This will make sure that no snake makes it to your home by providing an unpleasant smell that will keep them away.

  • Powdered Sulphur

Well, even though you are trying to come up with solutions on how you can get rid of snakes, you need to watch the kind of materials you will be using. This is because your health is also very important and therefore using a non-toxic remedy like powdered Sulphur is a good advantage.

However, even at this, you will still need to put on a protective gear that can properly cover both your nose and mouth. This is to keep you from inhaling the bad smell that is often produced by the powdered Sulphur. Using this remedy is quite easy since you only need to sprinkle the powder to areas that are likely to provide a hiding place for snakes.

This includes your backyard and those tiny cracks on the walls of your home. The effectiveness of this simple home remedy is usually credited to the mothballs found in the Sulphur powder. Using mothballs can, however, be quite dangerous since they are much toxic and can lead to various health complications when not used in a good way. This is why it is important to be extra careful when using this remedy with children or pets around.

  • Cut the food supply

Among the tactics you can use to defeat your enemy, cutting their food supply is always an effective method. As it is with every animal, they will always try to establish their dynasties near their food source.

This is why you will most definitely have an upper hand when you manage to cut their food supply. For instance, snakes always pray on rodents and insects which can easily be found in your home thus attracting the reptiles.

You can use various methods to deal with the rodents and insects as keeping them away will also mean not having any snakes to deal with. This comes as a double advantage since you will also be freeing your home from the moles, mice or rats as they can also cause other serious damages besides attracting the snakes.

  • Gardening

One of the ways in which you can have an attractive yard to improve your home décor is simply by gardening, right? Well, it turns out that not only do gardens improve the appearance of your home, they can also help by keeping snakes away from your home.

Anyway, since you have the ability to control everything in your garden, you can just decide to make it uncomfortable for the snakes. Of course, you don’t expect them to stay in an environment that is hostile or harsh to them, right? They will probably move or just stay away from the place.

By keeping your garden uncomfortable, you don’t have to leave it unattended. On the contrary, you will need to be working on it quite often. You need to ensure that the grass in your yard is always short and that the yard is always clean without too much debris around.

You can even use a mesh fence to provide security from the snakes and prevent them from entering your house. Well, for those who don’t fancy a grassy backyard, you can go ahead and have a graveled one. This will completely keep the snakes of your yard.

  • Onion or Garlic

For those of us who like cooking, onions and garlic are among the most commonly used ingredients in the kitchen. Well, it seems like they do more than just flavoring our foods as they can be used for keeping away the snakes.

Do you know that thing in onions that always make you cry when chopping them? Yes, the sulfenic. For an animal with a great sense of smell or taste like snakes, this is quite unbearable and therefore can keep them away easily.

You can mix rock salt together with garlic and just sprinkle the mixture around in areas where snakes are most likely to be and let it do its magic. You can also use garlic oil as a fumigator and try to reach those tough places where you might be suspecting a snake to live in thus driving them away.

Snakes are very dangerous animals and keeping them away from your area of residence is always a good move. If you have no idea how you can do that, you go ahead and use these simple tips to get you started. For more tips you can check this out.

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