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Everything that happens to Lizards on our planet

Is This The World’s Smallest Goanna Lizard?

Roy Teale and Greg Harold, two consultants from Biota Environmental Sciences, were surveying the areas of North Broome and Derby in the Kimberley region...

The Secret of The Flying Draco Lizard

draco lizardvideo
Have you ever seen the amazing Draco Lizard as it glides between trees? I assume you haven't seen it live in the wild, but...

Scientists Create New Lizard Species in Lab

lizard species
Sounds quite amazing, but according to the Journal Breviora, scientists from the American Museum of Natural History, Regis University, Stowers Institute for Medical Research...

New Study: Bearded Dragons imitate like Humans?

bearded dragons
Scientists from the University of Lincoln, UK and the University of Vienna, Austria, have managed to demonstrate that one lizard species can truly learn...

Lizard News: Horned Lizards endangered?

Legless lizard
There are some disturbing new studies and research in various regions around the world, revealing the dangers facing species of Horned lizards, as well...


Case Study: Gaboon Viper Bite

Gaboon Viper
This post was written by Cobra Master John Klein in 1997. Here's a copy of an article sent to me by Steve Granard: (notes follow) Zoo assists...

Venomous Snakes: Who is No. 1?

Taipan Snake
Every week here at Cobras.org, we receive dozens of inquiries regarding Venomous Snakes, “Is this snake dangerous?”, “Is this snake Poisonous?”, and of course,...

These Crocodiles Make Miracles Come True

After years of Taliban attacks, Pilgrims are finally flocking back into one of Pakistan's most unique shrines, where people believe in the holy power...


Cobra Sports Car

Cobra Sports Car: The Buyers Guide

 Are you sure you are up to a Cobra car? Before I delve into the tips and tricks of buying Cobra car – let...