WATCH: King Cobra Vs Python

Before you click play and watch the clip – what’s your bet in this King Cobra Vs Python fight? Do you believe in the King or are you a Python fan?

In our popular post “What Do Cobras Eat?”, we discussed the remarkable fact that King Cobras are snake eaters. They will look for and hunt any snake species that crosses their path, even venomous snakes. Hell, even other Cobras!

Like most other venomous snakes, the King Cobra will first bite his prey, then wait for the venom to do the job, and lastly he will swallow the prey whole.

On the other side of the ring, we have the Reticulated Python. Definitely a monster who is known as the world’s longest snake and longest reptile. He can swallow animals up to one-quarter of his length, even if they weigh the same as him. This ambush hunter will usually wait for his prey to reach the “strike zone”, before he wraps it in his coils, constricting it slowly until it suffocates to death. However, contrary to the King Cobra who eats snakes, the Python mainly eats rodents, chickens, civets or even pigs, but not snakes

In this riveting video of the King Cobra vs Python Battle, we witness an extremely tough fight between these two ferocious predators. Each one demonstrates his unique strengths, capabilities, and of course – weaknesses.

At first, we see the Python advancing fast and managing to wrap himself around the King Cobra. It seems the python even succeeds to suffocate the King, but not for long. Unless the Python can find a way to prevent the King from biting and injecting his powerful venom, the python’s chances are slim.

Can the Python make it?

As we discussed in our “Snake Brain” post, the King Cobra is regarded as one the most intelligent snakes in the world. He plans his moves and strategizes his hunting operations. He learns fast. How smart is the Python?

The Python was extremely close to victory. He almost finished what he knows best, to suffocate his prey. He already had the King gripped so tight, that all he had to do was keep the King’s head from moving around. If the python had just coiled around the cobra from a different angle, constricting its head, he might have won.

However, in the final rounds of this King Cobra vs Python fight, the King demonstrated how Venom is key to any fight between these two formidable opponents.

And as the brilliant commentator said at the end, ‘in the oppressive heat of the dry season, two giant snakes become one’.

No matter who wins in the next battle of Cobra vs Python, we should always know that all Snake species form an extremely important link in the food chain, and they shouldn’t be killed simply because people incorrectly believe them to be dangerous. Keep that in mind in every encounter with snakes!

Interested in more info and fast facts on the King Cobra? Click the image below…


How about the mighty Python? You can read more about it at the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

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